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Nordic Resistance Movement stand up for Finnish pupils attacked by non-white classmates


ACTIVISM. The Nordic Resistance Movement held a very well received protest at a multicultural school in Helsinki where white children are being attacked by immigrant pupils.

Last week the Finnish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement received a very disturbing message from a group of pupils from a school in Merilahti, an area with a high immigrant population in eastern Helsinki. The pupils told the Resistance Movement they were continually getting beaten up, threatened and harassed by immigrant classmates and that the school’s staff wouldn’t do anything about it.

Shortly after receiving the message, a pupil uploaded a video to YouTube that showed how bad the situation was in the school. The video was removed from YouTube but continued to be circulated and uploaded to other sites. In the video, Somalian pupils can clearly be seen physically attacking Finnish pupils.

See the video here: https://www.nordfront.se/efter-trakasserierna-dundersucce-for-motstandsrorelsens-skolaktion.smr

Because the situation had become so serious and the teachers didn’t seem interested in helping, the Nordic Resistance Movement decided to take responsibility and send a powerful message to the school and its pupils. On Wednesday activists from the organisation’s Helsinki department organised a protest outside the school, bringing flags, a banner and a megaphone.

Once in place, activist Janne Moilanen delivered a fiery speech that was chiefly directed at the Finnish children. He told them they needed to be resolute and not let themselves be bullied by racial strangers who hated them. He said the pupils could contact the Resistance Movement whenever they wanted and that we will monitor developments at the school and publish all information about what’s going on there that the system media ignores.

A video of the protest with English subtitles was uploaded to YouTube but has now been removed for “hate speech”.

The protest was also live streamed on YouTube. After being up for just eight hours, it had received over 8,000 views, and the number of likes far outweighed the dislikes.

See the live stream here (censored in some countries): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syFOWyOVjOc

Shortly after the protest, the police arrived and started to harass our activists. The police’s attitude was very aggressive, and one of their officers threatened the activists with being arrested and taken to the police station if they ever showed up there again. Ironically, although the police were concerned that we had “disrupted a school”, they didn’t seem to care at all about the violence committed by non-white immigrants against Finnish pupils, even when there was video evidence of it.

The school’s head teacher, Kimmo Paavola, also appeared to be more interested in contacting the system media than ensuring safe conditions at his school. Shortly after the protest he gave interviews to newspapers, including Helsingin Sanomat (the largest subscription newspaper in Finland).

Head teacher Kimmo Paavola

But the whinging and wailing from Paavola, the system media and the police was counteracted by messages of support on social media and other channels from people who thanked the Nordic Resistance Movement for our actions. Many of them expressed gratitude that there are still people prepared to stand up for them. Below are some of the comments posted on social media:

“Truly honourable Finnish men!”
“I’ve always had respect for men who protect children, the young and the old. These men did a good job. Thank you.”
“Very effective, as always with the Nordic Resistance Movement.”

“One day the Nordic Resistance Movement will be honoured by our people for openly daring to stand up against the illegal invasion of our country.”