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Ius Singulare – Interactions with the Swedes


OPINION. Our fellow comrade Niall recalls his impressions of talking to ordinary Swedes on the streets of Gothenburg.

“Ius Singulare” – Latin: Single Law

A law that is only applied to one specific group or classification of people.

During my interactions with Swedish people, I have noticed a very interesting social contract, a kind of law that applies only to the ethnic Swedes. Perhaps it extends further into all Scandinavians, but for now that is to be left to speculation.

I’m talking about the way that Swedes speak to their fellow Swedes, in comparison to how they speak to (white) foreigners. The common Swede seems only to behave in a certain way because their government has made it clear that dissension from mainstream opinion is strictly verboten, and as such, social pressures are in place. Each Swede now believes that they are alone in their opinions and have to keep up a facade of conformity, lest they face being made a social outcast. This, coupled with their understandable fear of the government’s ever-watchful eye, creates conditions in which everyday Swedes are afraid to speak their mind when surrounded by their fellow man.

I’m sure you all as National Socialists, especially those of my generation, reading this have had a similar experience to me. You become aware of the ideology, you become aware of the truth, and you enthusiastically, almost maniacally, absorb as much knowledge on the ideology and history as you possibly can. It is endemic of a man breaking free from the system which can no longer contain him, as the lies he has been fed collapse, and he realises that everything he has been taught about his own history is a lie.

All of this leads to you, as it did me, as it does now in many normal people across Europe, having a burning question in your mind.

“I now know the truth. Am I alone? Am I completely alone in this? Who can I speak to about this?”

“Am I truly alone?”

That is where the Swedish people (at least those normal people with two brain cells to rub together) are right now. A place of fear and isolation, because they don’t think that there’s anyone that understands them, or the situation. They have been fed so many lies by their government that they think they are the only ones who think like they do, and that we as a movement are cartoon villains beyond redemption. This only adds to the mental difficulties. They are faced with the choice, in their mind, of isolation or villainy. For those who have already cast off the chains of the government’s lies and propaganda, and shrugged off the shackles of social pressures and expectations, this choice was easy.

For us, trapped in a society built upon the evil and tyranny of a pseudo-aristocracy that seeks to destroy our people and undermine everything created by our ancestors, the accusation of “villainy” is no insult. In fact, I would argue that in a society that regards child sexualisation, the destruction of the family, the unnatural mutilation of its children’s bodies, and the extermination of the ethnically indigenous Europeans to be “progressive” and “good,” to be considered “evil” is the highest honour. Take any Swedish parents who deem it to be “beautiful” to fill their sons with chemicals and castrate them, doing untold, permanent, irreparable harm to their young bodies, and ask them, “What is the opposite of this? Who do you hate most?” Their answer will come as “Nordic Resistance Movement!” You should then thank them for the reassurance and move swiftly on. We strong-willed few are those who have already broken through and seen the light.

But we strong-willed few are exactly that. Few.

It is our responsibility to act as the shepherds for the masses. Lead them safely into the dangerous territory that we all as a race approach. A guide that risks life and limb for the sake of the Volk. It is our duty to our people, as the strong-willed shepherds, to help them throw off those chains that bind them. We do not push them into the deep end and see if they can swim, we test the waters and beckon them out.

“Now, poetic analogies are all well and good,” I hear you ask, “but how do you know all of this? How have you come to this conclusion on the state of Swedish people?” And the answer is quite simple. I’ve spoken to them. Outside of the Nordic Resistance Movement demonstrations and leafleting, I haven’t spoken to a single normal Swede who hasn’t been receptive, and hasn’t acknowledged that there is a problem.

One example of this was going to buy an iron and an ironing board at a shop in Göteborg. I won’t mention the name of the store, as I don’t want to get anyone fired or doxxed, but it’s a deceptively large store full of gadgets and video games, PC parts and gaming accessories. Hardly a nationalist hotspot, more like somewhere you’d expect a flock of soyboys to run past you on their way to catch some Pokemon than a place for the gathering of actual men. But nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised by one staff member in particular.

Me and my American friend had picked up what we needed, and trying to swiftly avoid the millions of copies of Super Mario, headed straight for the checkout. Behind the checkout desk, there was a young woman who seemed like just a normal, everyday Swede. Just to make polite conversation, we decided to ask her how her day was going.

She gave a nervous laugh, and looked down at her desk.

“Not very well,” came her reply.

“Why not? Rude customers?” asked my American friend.

“It’s all the immigrants. They don’t speak Swedish, and they come over without any kind of receipt, and they expect me to solve all of their problems for them. They’re all so rude and aggressive.”

Now, we were not wearing any clothing that marked us out as being any kind of nationalist, and we didn’t give anything about ourselves away. We simply asked how this young woman’s day had been going. And it’s very important to note the way in which she addressed us. She complained in an almost confessionary, confiding way, that she was “sick of immigrants who can’t speak Swedish.” The irony was obviously lost on her, that the two people she was saying this to were immigrants who weren’t speaking Swedish. But this implies something much deeper.

When she was speaking to two white people, she didn’t regard them as “immigrants.” She is simply using the term “immigrants” to mean “racial strangers” without realising that’s what she’s doing. She had no problem with speaking a non-Swedish, European language to non-Swedish Europeans. Perhaps only subconsciously, she was aware of the Racial Question. This is a surprisingly common occurrence.

Another good example of this is when I, along with my American friend once again, was harassed by two Syrian immigrants in a train station in the early hours of the morning. The details of what happened are a bit long winded, so I’ll spare you the intricacies, but it boils down to these Syrians following us, attempting to intimidate us and start a fight, and then running away when we refused to back down, and running to get the train station’s security guards, telling them that WE had harassed THEM. The security guard who came over to us was also an immigrant, but the kind that very much hated Syrians, so we got lucky in that regard. He got rid of them, telling us how much he “fucking hates these fucking rats.” This encounter was observed by a pair of normal Swedes, two locals in their early-to-mid fifties, who happened to be getting the same train as us.

They asked us what had happened, and we gladly explained everything that had occurred. We had been confronted and stood our ground against racial strangers. They were pleased and impressed, and began to talk about how it’s an ever-increasing problem in Sweden, as if we weren’t aware already. I told them that things are much the same in my country, and that standing your ground is not only the right and honourable thing to do, but it’s also the safest. They won’t attack someone who can pose a threat, they almost only ever strike when they sense weakness.

They started talking about how “someone has to do something,” and how “no one is doing anything.”

“What about the Nordic Resistance Movement? Those guys are doing something about it.”

Expecting a shocked reaction, we ourselves were quite surprised when they didn’t bat an eye.

“Ah… They don’t have any power. They can’t do anything,” came his reply.

But it was interesting to note; he sounded more disappointed than anything. Not angry at the suggestion, not offended, not taken aback, simply disappointed. This man genuinely believed we don’t have any power, and wished that we did.

“Who told you that they don’t have any power?” I asked him.

“Oh you see it in the newspapers and on the news, they don’t have any power.”

“So the same people who tell you that immigrants aren’t a problem, that your people mean nothing, and that everything is fine how it is, say that the NMR ‘don’t have any power’ and you believe them? Do you actually trust in the mainstream media?”

Now he was shocked.

“I… I suppose I had never thought of it like that before.” We then continued talking about problems and solutions until we arrived at our respective stops. So if the only concern most Swedes have is that we’re “not powerful enough,” then as our movement grows, I believe we will see a period of rapid, exponential growth.

But, on the other hand, I have observed some episodes that could only be suitably described as “fits of mania” from some Swedes. Perhaps this is a perversion of the iconic “Berserker Gene,” that instead of causing noble Viking warriors to enact untameable violence on their foes, it now causes strange, emaciated people to have mental breakdowns and spout Marxist nonsense.

It’s actually quite baffling to watch these people argue. They can talk and talk and talk, and by the end of it, they have made no coherent arguments whatsoever. They think that by talking louder and more maniacally, they gain the upper hand. As if all it takes to be right is to feel right. These people wholeheartedly believe that we are some kind of super-villains, and that they are super-heroes in their own little world, people who believe that they’ve already won the argument before they’ve even engaged with it, because they’re the “good guys.”

The other example of people I’ve seen are those that think they’re being brave by yelling things while quickly walking away, or tearing up a leaflet and throwing it into the wind. Congratulations, you brave little revolutionary soldier, you really showed that leaflet who’s boss. It’s a real intimidating show of strength to watch them rip paper in half. It had me quaking in my vegan-leather boots.

You would think, being such “passionate environmentalists,” they would take them home to recycle them, but no, their hatred of us overrides any and all other beliefs they might have, triggering an impulse, NPC reaction that they appear to have no control over.

The danger you put yourself in, right in the path of those friendly, polite, charming men and women, is just commendable. Poor Ivan being marched to his certain death against the German war machine in Stalingrad doesn’t have anything compared to Tommy Commie tearing up a leaflet as he struggles to maintain eye contact.

And while we may call them “Champagne Socialists,” we should be quick to remember that these same men would have served a critical role in the Red Army. I’m talking of course of those in the Red Army that took care of their own people who dared to ask whether human life had any value whatsoever, by promptly shooting them in the back of the head, while refusing to engage in any actual combat. There’s the same “cowardly sociopath” look in their eyes every time you see them.

Another example that I’ve witnessed myself; a man, while yet again bravely running away from men politely handing out leaflets, yelled “YOU GOT YOUR ASSES KICKED IN WORLD WAR TWO!” First of all, if he was referring to the military of the NSDAP, being a country smaller than the state of Texas, and then proceeding to conquer all of mainland Europe, and fighting the entire rest of the world for 6 whole years, after which almost 100 years later your symbols and supporters are still banned and suppressed out of pure fear that you might come back, doesn’t exactly sound like “getting your ass kicked.” Second, the irony was almost palpable, as he yelled this at me, an English member of the Movement. “I don’t remember the English losing World War Two,” came my reply, but alas the brave revolutionary had already hidden behind his wife, who was already bright red and staring straight down at the floor in embarrassment at her husband’s outburst.

In conclusion, the Swedish people are collectively becoming aware of the Racial Question, and the problems and threats that it poses to them, and to all of us as a European Race. They just do not realise that they are not alone in their awakening.

The Nordic Resistance Movement should continue its policy of reaching out to those more aware normal people without compromise in ideology, and we would be fools to ignore such a potential wealth for growth as a movement, and as a race. Now more than ever, our people need us. Not just as a collective race, but as individuals caught in a pit of despair.

We are there for them, so long as they are there for our people.