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Outdoors monthly meeting in Nest 3


MEETING. Sweden’s Nest 3 met in northern Scania on 29 August to enjoy good comradeship out in nature.

The day began with the comrades raising a tent for the night and putting up a tarpaulin to shield themselves from the pouring rain the weather forecasts had predicted.

Some attendees brought their fishing rods with them and decided to test them in the nearby lake.

A log fire was built, and the members sat in a relaxed manner around it and chatted.

The group enjoyed a game of kubb. Here Marcus Hansson provokes the opponents by claiming that they can’t throw properly.

After the game of kubb, some comrades swam in the lake while others whittled.

Food and pouring rain

After swimming, the participants grilled food. The cook had baked homemade bread and prepared fried onions to go with the sausages. The weather forecast turned out to be accurate, and during dinner the rain began pouring down. Luckily the forward planning of putting up the tarpaulin and bringing waterproof clothes meant that the rain wasn’t intrusive.

After the rain had passed, the weather calmed down and was much better for the rest of the day.

Some members took the opportunity to explore the lovely area around the lakes. When night fell, a large campfire was lit, and everyone warmed themselves by the flames while discussing politics and ideology.

The next morning, the comrades packed up their tent and tidied the campsite, before thanking one another for the successful weekend.