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Propaganda offensive in Randers


ACTIVISM. A group of activists held a propaganda offensive in Randers, Denmark, on Saturday 1 August.

Nest 3 met in Randers on Saturday afternoon for their monthly meeting, which this month was combined with a large-scale propaganda distribution.

The group of activists and members started in the Kristrup area in Randers, and moved towards Paderup High School and Randers Shopping Centre.

The route to Paderup High School is used by many high school students, so the activist group spared no expense in lining it with their posters and stickers.

At Paderup High School, the activists walked through the school grounds and used the opportunity to spread awareness of the Nordic Resistance Movement and the necessary struggle for our people and future.

At Randers Shopping Centre, the activist group divided themselves into two smaller groups in order to cover the large car park, where parked cars received a leaflet on their windscreens. Leaflets advertising the Movement’s Danish podcast Opråb were distributed, as were those calling for revolution.

To make people inside the shopping centre aware of the National Socialist freedom fight, shopping trolleys were decorated with Nordic Resistance Movement stickers.