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“What have politicians given you?” – Public activities in Ludvika


ACTIVISM. Activists and members from Sweden’s Nest 5 visited various parts of Ludvika municipality to distribute informative material at the weekend.

On Saturday 20 May, activists and members went to various parts of Ludvika to hold public leaflet distributions. There were a lot of people out on the day looking to take advantage of the beautiful weather. In addition to enjoying the warming sunshine, the activists also met a lot of members of the public, with everyone from young families to youths and pensioners interacting with the Nordic Resistance Movement.

The Nest chose to continue the campaign they conducted last year, which consists of a leaflet entitled “What have politicians given you?” The leaflet in question has been updated with this year’s problems, which form a list of eight things given to the people by the politicians and the modern enemy state. The list is followed by a call to revolt against the criminals.

“‘What have politicians given you?’ Mass immigration, government overreach, Cultural Marxism, environmental pollution, materialism, corruption, capitalism, inflation. Revolt against the criminals!”

The activity passed at a good tempo and the leaflets were readily accepted. During the distribution, the activists held both sporadic and extended discussions with positively and negatively minded people. To conclude, two participants placed leaflets on the windscreens of nearby parked cars.

After visiting Ludvika during the sunniest hours of the day, the participants ended the activity and said farewell for this time.