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Rappelling down icy cliffs on activity day in Småland


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Comrades from Sweden’s Nest 7 were in Skuruhatt nature reserve to conduct various training sessions and activities on Saturday 25 November.

The day began with everyone meeting at a pre-determined gathering point and weighing their packs and equipment. Activists and activist recruits were required to carry at least 10kg of gear, with this requirement being voluntary for members.

After a few hundred metres of marching, the comrades came to a stretch of challenging terrain called Skurugata, which was particularly difficult to traverse in the sub-zero temperatures, with snow and ice on the rocks. Once the group had covered a short distance in this extensive gorge, they arrived at the first training station of the day, where an experienced rock climber gave a rappelling course.

The most dangerous part of rappelling is when you step over the edge of the cliff, which requires mental strength; otherwise, it’s just a matter of walking or jumping down the rockface.

When all the Resistance members had rappelled, they enjoyed a coffee and admired the beautiful nature above the gorge. They then proceeded towards the highest cliff (approximately 30-35m), where they continued rappelling down the icy wall into the depths of Skurugata.

The next training session was on hunting theory. The group marched a few kilometres and established a camp, before going over the basics of hunting. This included which animals are classed as game and big game, as well as hunting ethics, weapons and much more.

After an hour’s lunch, it was time to move on again, which was welcome, as many of the participants had become very cold while sitting or standing still. As dusk was approaching, the camp was dismantled, and the comrades started their ascent of Skuruhatt mountain.

Naturally, the Resistance men chose the hardest, steepest path up the mountain, because, as the Swedish proverb goes, “Shame on he who gives up.” When they were at the summit, the National Socialists received a reward in the form of a beautiful view, while the sun sank slowly below the horizon.

The last training session on the mountain was basic healthcare. Participants learned how to handle and treat injuries, as well as how to perform life-saving measures, such as CPR, applying trauma dressings and using a tourniquet.

When darkness fell over the Småland highlands, the day ended with a final march back to the starting point. There, the comrades thanked one another for an exciting and educational day in good company.