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Public activism across the Nordic nations on “holocaust” memorial day


ACTIVISM. Actions were conducted in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland on 27 January to counteract Zionism and spread the truth about the “holocaust”.


Resistance Movement activists conducted public activism in central Stockholm, Jönköping and Karlstad on Saturday. The purpose of the actions was to oppose Israel and Zionism and to enlighten Swedes about the many questions arising from the established history of the holocaust and why the hoax is maintained – two seemingly completely different subjects, but which actually have a lot in common.

One of the distributed leaflets featured a link to a previously published article on Nordfront that deals with the subject of the “holocaust”.

In Borås, Karlstad and Stockholm, various events that had been organised to maintain the propaganda lie were visited or counter-demonstrated.

Stockholm activists opposed the system’s manifestation by shouting slogans against Zionism. Some of the speakers were so affected by the counter-demonstration that they referred to the Resistance Movement in their speeches.

In Borås, Resistance men stood with a banner outside the Culture House, where the Jewish Community of Stockholm and the RFSL (an LGBT organisation) held a sect-like ceremony in honour of the holocaust religion.

“No shame, no guilt. The holocaust never happened.”

After the public action in Karlstad, activists attended a lecture about the “holocaust”. Here, they had the opportunity to hold discussions and present arguments with contrary evidence to the lecturer’s claims.

Reports have also come in of a public bridge action in Luleå, leaflet distributions in Östersund and Sundsvall, and banners placed in Jönköping, Stockholm, Solna and Botkyrka.

“Stop the holocaust of our people”
“The holocaust is a hoax”

Aftonbladet, Expressen and several local newspapers have written about the day’s actions, which reached thousands of people.


In Norway, numerous actions were conducted in various locations in the country’s two largest cities: Oslo and Bergen. Banners and posters were put up, while more inventive activism involving bars of soap and metal signs also took place.

“The holocaust is a hoax!” Central Oslo.

Bars of soap were left in public bathrooms…
…and packaged in various stores, no doubt to the pleasant surprise of unsuspecting customers!

A metal sign was hung on a monument to the system’s number one propaganda project. Censored due to Swedish anti-free speech law.


Danish comrades placed posters and stickers with the message “The holocaust is a hoax” in Copenhagen, Skanderborg, Christiansfeld, Østbirk, Voerladegård and Brædstrup.


Posters were placed in various locations in Reykjavik.