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Yule dinner and folk community in Sweden’s Nest 2


YULE. Sweden’s Nest 2 recently enjoyed good food and good company at a Yule dinner celebration.

NRM Nest 2 Christmas dinner food

On Saturday 27 November, members and supporters from Sweden’s Nest 2 gathered in Borås municipality to enjoy a splendid Yule dinner.

While the attendees were waiting for the dishes brimming with Christmas food to be served, they had the opportunity to stroll around and chat with other guests, as well as to investigate the various fine items comrades had brought along to sell or give away. This included everything from enriching literature to homemade drinks, plus CDs, clothing and more.

NRM Nest 2 Christmas dinner shoes for the needy
Shoes donated to the needy

After a while, it was time to sit at the tables to listen to some well-chosen words by Martin Engelin.

Martin spoke about the hard toil and endeavours of our ancestors. About how, through millennia of blood, sweat and tears, they fought to build and secure a country for our people. He said that today we have them to thank for being able, like them, to enjoy feasts and celebrate holidays such as the winter solstice, Christmas and midsummer.

NRM Nest 2 Christmas dinner Martin Engelin speech

Finally, five toasts were made in honour of our ancestors.

The first was made to Allfather Odin. For victory and power to everyone around the tables!

The second to Njord, the god of the ocean and the roads. To continue to secure our journeys in the coming years.

The third to Bragi, the god of poetry, who recognised our blot and social gathering as the most enjoyable in living memory!

The fourth was made to our ancestors who fought and died for us. To those who made it possible for us to gather in joyful celebration and observe our ancient customs and traditions.

Finally, the fifth toast was deservedly made to the person responsible for the event, Elin Reinhardt, who ensured the day’s Yule dinner could take place.

NRM Nest 2 Christmas dinner attendees

It was then time to get started on the delicacies of the Yule dinner. After rounding off the meal with a lovely ris à la Malta, Elin invited young and old up to dance in a ring around the beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

The guests danced wildly to everything from classic Christmas songs to Evert Taube, while circling the tree. Afterwards, everyone sat down next to one another at the tables again, tired and sweaty.

The hours flew by while the guests enjoyed themselves, before the contented comrades thanked one another one by one and headed home.