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UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Action against “Diversity Parade”


ACTIVISM. On Thursday 4 July, it was time for the part of Almedalen Week that most normal people probably consider to be the most tragic; namely, the “Diversity Parade”. The Resistance Movement was there to protest.

The name “Diversity Parade” is so ill-fitting for what it really is. Rather than being for diverse communities, it instead focuses on virtue signalling and pure hatred of Swedes. Like other Pride events, this one also has a very strong “anti-racist” leaning. The slogans shouted during the parade were not for more diversity or for the homo lobby. As usual they were instead directed at the “Nazis” and the “racists”. Regardless of what kind demonstration these Cultural Marxists arrange, it always seems to revolve around the Nordic Resistance Movement.

One of the primary purposes of the Resistance Movement’s presence was to show the Nordic people there are sounder alternatives to the current establishment and this shameless and toxic LGBTP-culture that it promotes. For this purpose, an activist group from Nest 8 prepared a gigantic and beautiful banner for this year’s demonstration, with a message that could hardly be misunderstood: CRUSH THE HOMO LOBBY!

Because of the intense wind, it took eight strong men to hold the 16-metre-long behemoth of a banner. The Resistance men had decided to make a quiet protest this year, by standing still holding the banner at a well-chosen and well-exposed spot along the marching route.

The parade itself didn’t offer any particular surprises; however, it was sad to see so many children walking in it. Most of the parliamentary parties, if not all, were represented in the crowd, along with many other organizations.

Uniformed ambulance personnel were also walking in the train and some of them expressed audible hatred of the Resistance Movement by singing along with the agitation songs, as well as showing their contempt by uttering “yuck” and similar expressions at us. The fact that uniformed employees of an authoritarian institution – that by law should act neutrally and non-politically – are participating in such an extreme political manifestation should really be questioned.

When Nordfront’s cameraman wanted to get nearer to film the march, he was abruptly stopped by four police officers who prevented him from getting any closer. When the journalist explained that he was just that, a journalist, there to document the march, the disagreeable officers refused to listen. Instead they squared up, chest against chest, to the National Socialist journalist, which resulted in a brief exchange of insults.

After the diversity march had passed, the Resistance men started to roll up their banner, but were surrounded by a swarm of police officers. The police tried to pull everyone who was holding the banner away to be able the identify them, something that clearly couldn’t have waited the minute it would’ve taken to roll up the banner. This was most likely done to prosecute the activists for made up crimes. The police did not state a reason for the forced identification at the time. Some people were also frisked, people who hadn’t even held the banner, but only stood close by.

The police’s harassment is something that members of the Movement are accustomed to and is nothing that will stop us. On the contrary, it proves that we are right and that we are certain about our cause. The system of today is rotten, corrupt, full of lies and needs to be replaced, if we, in the future, are ever going to live in a healthy and free society.