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National Socialism – The Organised Will of the People


IDEOLOGY. Sebastian Elofsson writes about the importance of a strong and united people.

The Nordics and their people are facing immense challenges: destructive mass immigration, economic slavery to international high finance, and a news media that lobbies for mass immigration, to name just a few. All of these threats must eventually be vanquished through a National Socialist ascension to power, but how can a people that feel no sense of solidarity be united to defeat our common enemies?

Modern society is a divided society, one in which our people have been split into opposing groups by egotism and conflicting mindsets. City-dwellers have turned against villagers, workers against employers, women against men, and vice versa. They fight against each other for their own selfish interests, while not realising, or not even caring about, the shared interests of their race.

Instead people are only concerned with themselves, their own social class or profession. Rather than working together to fix societal injustices, they try to feather their own nests at the cost of others. The classes and professions exploit one another for their own gain. Workers press employers for more and more money, while employers try to extract maximum profits from the workers. Meanwhile neither seems to understand they are dependent on each other to survive.

Within this fractured existence, people also work unconsciously (and in some cases consciously) for their own collective demise. Such internecine conflicts leave us in no condition to stand united, and ensure the ongoing genocide of the white race continues unabated. But what is the main cause of this division of our people? My answer is “liberal democracy” and the parties that make up the parliamentary system.

Liberal democracy has split people into groups that are represented, superficially, by political parties that claim to speak for different sections of society. However, these parties have turned the people against one another by continuously setting differing groups in opposition. They do this because they do not want a united people; they do not want us to solve society’s problems together. After all, if we did, there would no longer be a reason for them to exist.

All the political parties support high finance, mass immigration, multiculturalism and the media’s monopoly on opinions. It’s only when less important matters arise, like tax cuts, that such parties suddenly become sworn enemies. With these smaller issues they create conflict in the population, while continuing to pursue the same traitorous policies as before. The only thing they really fight over is who gets the power to enforce such policies and rule over us. This is why, when election time comes around, they all promise far more than they ever plan on delivering. Such is the way of liberal parliamentary democracy.

If people of all social groups and strata don’t realise they are dependent on one another for survival, and that they must fight together, they will perish. We need to understand that each one of our groups constitutes a part of the people, and the people’s interests are our interests. It is only when we realise that we are dependent on one another that we see ourselves as a nation, and only then can we save our race and create real change in the world. People’s individual wants and priorities must be combined into one shared goal, and the only political system that can truly unite us and ensure we work together in this way is National Socialism.

A life-or-death struggle

There is currently a life-or-death struggle being waged by the two oppositional worldviews of liberal democracy and National Socialism. National Socialism is the polar opposite of the divisive ideology of liberal democracy. National Socialism unites and organises the people, ensuring they work and fight together in the best interests of the nation and the race, whereas liberal democracy divides, conquers and destroys.

Liberalism, which is now the current state ideology, claims to value individual freedom over all else, yet it has allowed a tiny international clique of freedom-haters to enslave our race in chains of interest and debt. It has also made it possible for a minority of extremely influential families to control the majority of our media and to spread lies and hatred about our people. Furthermore, liberalism has ensured that the Nordics have been subject to extreme levels of mass immigration, without recourse.

The question now is: Can we break free from our chains and create a future for coming generations, even though we are constantly plagued by internal conflicts? Can we be victorious when we fight against rather than for one another?

A divided people are no threat to the current system, but a united people would be its downfall. A united people have the power to crush all enemies that stand in their way, a fact of which our opponents are all too aware. This is why they want to ensure we remain self-absorbed and are never able to feel any sense of community with one another. Our enemies want rootless individuals who consume, because such people are easier to control.

We must learn to put minor disagreements to one side and try to look at the bigger picture. There will come a time when we can discuss smaller, more divisive matters, but that time is not today. Our race’s survival and freedom is at stake, and in this fight for our destiny, we cannot afford to indulge in petty arguments with one another.

One of the Nordic Resistance Movement’s key missions must therefore be to unite our race’s various subsections into one unstoppable force, into the organised will of the people. We must fight against egotism and ethnic divisions. We must be the movement that represents the entire race. It doesn’t matter which class or interest group you belong to. We are one race, bound by a common fate. United we stand, divided we fall.