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Action against racial violence in Aarhus


ACTIVISM. Activists from Denmark’s Nest 3 spread multiculturalism-awareness material in Aarhus last week after a man was brutally attacked in the multicultural area of Viby.

“Warning! Multiculturalism Ahead”

On Thursday 11th June, a 26-year-old man was attacked, beaten with clubs and stabbed several times with a knife in Viby, a multicultural area of Aarhus.

Incidents involving racial foreigners and non-white gangs attacking white Danes are occurring more and more frequently. This anti-white domination crime consists of brutal assaults, in which the victim is humiliated while often being filmed by the perpetrators.

In light of the attack on Thursday, activists went to Viby to make people aware of the dire prospects of multiculturalism.

Warning signs were hung up at the entrances to Gellerup park, and White Lives Matter posters were spread in large quantities in Viby.

Photos from the activity:

“Warning! Danger of Rape”