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Jimmy Thunlind’s 1st of May speech


1 MAY. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Nordic Resistance Movement’s 2020 1st of May demonstration was postponed. In its place, a digital 1st of May celebration, featuring speeches and more, was broadcast on Nordisk Radio. Below is an English translation of Jimmy Thunlind’s speech.

Jimmy Thunlind

Comrades and listeners!

Today is the 1st of May, a day of commemoration for all National Socialists, a day of honour for workers of both hand and mind. A holiday to remind us that hard and dutiful work is the backbone of our society.

But this year it’s a different 1st of May from the ones we’re used to. The ongoing corona pandemic and its accompanying social restrictions mean we cannot gather and celebrate this day together in large groups. It means we cannot rule the streets and proudly march together under our Tyr rune flags as we would wish. Our social responsibility and our consideration for our kinsmen ensure we are not taking any unnecessary risks today, and instead we have postponed our celebrations to a later date.

However, I believe that the corona crisis has already taught us a great deal, and that the resulting situation has been an eye-opener for many people.

* It has demonstrated without doubt what a weak and incompetent regime we live under today. A regime that has dismantled all of its crisis preparation, sold out all of the people’s emergency stockpiles, and heavily cut funding to public healthcare, the police and defence – social institutions that exist to protect the people. Instead the regime has chosen to burden our common resources with an overwhelming and devastating programme of mass immigration, which threatens to ruin our society.

* The crisis has clearly exposed the ongoing insanity of globalisation – how, instead of advancing and preserving our people, it has given us supranationalism, reduced self-sufficiency, increased foreign ownership of our businesses and natural resources, dependence on goods from dictatorships and low-income countries, and not least – an invasion of men from the Third World. Because even during the current corona pandemic, when almost everything else is restricted, the borders remain open to these invaders.

* The crisis has also exposed the international banking empire’s limitless greed and power. Regardless of what happens in the world, the big banks are the winners. Let me give an example: During the most recent banking crisis in 2008, the banks wailed about their enormous credit losses – which they themselves had caused via reckless unsecured lending. The Swedish state, i.e., the taxpayers, then stepped in with a rescue package of more than 100 billion SEK to prop up the banks. When those same banks made multi-billion profits over the next ten years, none – I repeat, none – of it benefited customers or taxpayers.

When the corona crisis struck, the government came out and promised a staggering 500 billion SEK to the banks – to cover the losses they don’t yet have but might incur in the future. What will the banks do with this money? They will lend it to companies and private individuals at interest, which they will then keep, and thereby earn even more from it.

Does the government have this 500 billion? No, so they must go out into the capitalist market to even bigger banks and borrow money at interest, which the taxpayers pay. Thus the regime in Sweden borrows enormous sums of money at interest to give to the big banks, who in turn lend it at interest, which they keep for themselves. Do you see who the winners are? Is it the people? No, it’s the banks! The banks are always the winners because that’s how their owners – the real holders of power in the world – have decided it will be.

Therefore we National Socialists say: Crush the big banks and forbid interest!

But the corona crisis has also made it clear to people what is important and valuable in our lives. It has shown that it is family, friends and social security, but also safe and secure jobs, functioning healthcare and the supply of goods – things that should be a matter of course in a modern Nordic society in 2020, but which certainly are not in today’s liberal-Zionist democracy.

Throughout the corona crisis, many examples of so-called “everyday heroes” have been highlighted. Often they have been healthcare personnel – nurses, doctors and medical assistants. But cashiers, teachers and cleaners have also been recognised for having worked hard, or for working overtime to cover for ill colleagues and keep the wheels of society turning.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a photo on social media. On one side of the image was a nurse with the caption “160 kronor an hour”, and on the other was a famous footballer with the caption “93,000 kronor an hour”. Even if this image was a little facetious in nature, and even though I absolutely do not begrudge talented sportspeople from earning money, it nevertheless reveals how our vulgar liberal society values its people.

In a society where you can earn enormous amounts from perverted entertainment, from shutting down functioning and profitable workplaces for a quick profit, from human trafficking and selling drugs, from buying up schools and hospitals and creating private fortunes off our collective tax revenue – and where those who toil in overburdened hospitals to save the lives of the severely ill are supposedly worth 160 kronor an hour – workers are expected to have their wage increases restricted, and unemployment is shamelessly believed to be a useful and necessary driving force in the capitalist economy.

A few weeks ago, the media personalities Calle Schulman, Alex Schulman and Niklas Schulman sat in Stockholm’s exclusive Sturehof restaurant. In a photo they published on Instagram, they gave the middle finger to “wars and epidemics”. And when Calle was asked by his offended readers why he was sending disrespectful replies to healthcare workers, he responded, “You get what you deserve.”

This is one of the reasons why I’m a National Socialist. All my life I’ve seen the enemies of the people being promoted as heroes, when they have raked in their unearned income, when they’ve fiddled the system to avoid paying taxes, when they’re forced EU membership and mass immigration upon us, and when they’ve given a well-manicured middle finger to all of the working population.

But the corona crisis has shown that it only takes a little virus to rock the entire capitalist economy’s house of cards. And it won’t take much more to make it all collapse. Because globalism – both politically and economically – is a ramshackle building founded on lies, thin air and stolen resources.

For us National Socialists it wouldn’t matter if globalism crashed, because it would give all working people in every nation the opportunity to develop a new society. In such a society, we will reward people who can build, who can forge, who can fish, who can till the earth. We will prize teachers, architects, factory workers and engineers. All of those who can do something of value for the national community will be heroes. However, there won’t be any demand for bankers or stockbrokers, nor for trade union bigwigs or professional politicians, nor for decadent media wannabes or Cultural Marxists.

With the combined force of our hands and minds, we will build a society that is strong, sovereign and independent, which is self-sufficient, and which is ethnically homogeneous. If we stand united and don’t let ourselves be intimidated when the globalists and parasites scream their death cries, we will be able to create a real workers’ state with a true folk community.

I therefore hope that you too will join National Socialism and the Nordic Resistance Movement. National Socialism is the only credible workers’ movement and the only path to a future for our people.

I wish you all a happy 1st of May!