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Monthly meeting and speech in Nest 2


MEETING. On Saturday 25 May, activists and members from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Nest 2 were in the Borås area for their monthly meeting.

Books for sale at Nest 2 monthly meeting

Nest Chief Jimmy Andersson reported on the past month’s activities, followed in turn by the various group chiefs, who each gave a summary of what their groups had been up to. Naturally many more topics were discussed, but to know about those one must join the Resistance Movement like a true National Socialist!

After the attendees had refilled their coffee, it was time for the day’s speech. The subject was race, how race functions, and above all how the Aryan race functions.

Such an extensive topic required a knowledgeable fellow to summarise everything concisely, which the speaker Johan Persson did very well.

Next everyone could enjoy lunch and pick up some excellent literature and well-made handicrafts. All in all, it was a very pleasant gathering.