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The National Socialist rule of law


IDEOLOGY. In this article, Sebastian Elofsson argues for the establishment of a state governed by a National Socialist rule of law.

Statue holding scales of justice

Order, freedom and justice. These are the watchwords for the judicial system we want to create once we have taken power.

When we talk about the rule of law today, the concept is synonymous with liberal democracy. People believe that liberal democracy is the very precondition required to be able to build a state governed by the rule of law. Representatives of liberal democracy often beat their chests and claim that we live in such a state, where men and women can feel safe and enjoy enormous freedoms. This is nothing but a great lie, because in practice it is the exact opposite.

Today we see how rapists and paedophiles walk free after a few years in prison or psychiatric care. We see how these criminals can return to their immoral lifestyles after serving their “punishments”.

We see how the real victims, all the White Swedish women who have been raped and abused, all the children who have been defiled in the most disgusting ways, and all the Swedish men who have been humiliated and murdered are ridiculed by the liberal “democracy” via its eternal coddling of these murderers, paedophiles, robbers and rapists.

We also see how people with controversial views – people who oppose this sick societal development – are arbitrarily imprisoned by a corrupt legal system simply because of the criticism these upstanding Northerners express.

No man or woman in full control of their senses can claim that we live in a state governed by the rule of law!

Equal rights and obligations

The state is the guarantor of the individual’s happiness and freedom. It is the state that makes it possible for the individual citizen to decide his own destiny, to be able to choose his own path in life in regard to family planning, place of residence, profession, religious belief, etc. Without a state guaranteeing these rights, anyone can do anything to anyone without consequences.

The individual must know that he is guaranteed a fair trial in a court, even when no one else is on his side, whoever he is. He should also know that whoever has done him wrong will receive their just punishment according to the law, no matter what others think.

But just as the individual enjoys rights, he has an obligation to fight for his freedom. He has a duty to fight for his people’s future and to submit to the people’s collective interests when this is required of him. These are the obligations that come with his rights. For rights and obligations are ultimately one and the same thing; one is not possible without the other. If you receive something, you must also give something back.

Nor should anyone be able to lie to, deceive or parasitize the people without feeling the consequences of their immoral actions. This is of utmost importance; the law must be based on morality!

What is right must also be made law, and whoever breaks the law, and thus morality, must also be punished. Most men and women of Nordic birth know deep down what is right and wrong. We know that it is wrong to torture animals or humans to death, we know it is wrong to molest children, we know it is wrong to steal and deceive people, and so on. It is precisely this shared national sense of right and wrong upon which the law must be based.

However, this is not the case in today’s liberal democracy. In this society, criminals are seen as victims, and the law is based on what the rulers consider to be right in accordance with their anti-Nordic beliefs. According to these traitors, who murder their own people via mass immigration and multiculturalism, the criminal has exactly the same rights as the righteous citizen.

This is nothing other than a distortion of the concept of rule of law.

Someone who has been found guilty by an independent court has also temporarily or permanently exhausted large parts of his rights, depending on the crime that has been committed. Thus the obligation to atone for his crime remains and, wherever possible, so does the obligation to undergo the required rehabilitation in order to return to society after serving his sentence as a productive member of the national community.

The courts in Sweden are not independent. Political judges sit in every district court and court of appeal, with the power to convict or acquit an accused party. These political commissioners are appointed directly by the political parties and lack adequate legal education. In each district court there are three lay judges and one legal judge, and all their votes are weighted equally. In the court of appeal there are usually three legal judges and two lay judges, at least in criminal cases. This means that political parties have direct control over the judiciary’s first instance and a strong influence in the court of appeal.

Qualified lawyers should sit in the courts, not uneducated politicians who constantly involve their own party’s agenda in the discharge of their duties. The idea that this system should be considered something healthy and in accordance with the principle of legal certainty is as idiotic as a cleaner getting a job as a chief physician in a hospital. The lay judge system must therefore be abolished!

A new law enforcement agency

Just as a state governed by the rule of law must have a strong and independent judiciary, it must also have a strong and effective law enforcement agency. The current police force, however, is both corrupt and paralysed.

It goes without saying that a weak law enforcement agency that lacks both the resources and the will to fight imported organised crime resolutely can never maintain order and security in a society.

Outwardly, the police authorities present a picture of having the situation under control, but the reality is something completely different. The foreign gangs control entire city districts, which they rule with an iron fist, and the police in these areas are completely powerless. Fatal shootings, bombings, rapes, drug dealing, torture and humiliation robberies are something we read about every day.

The situation today is so serious that, in order to crush organised crime once and for all, one would have to employ what many would regard as extreme methods.

A state of emergency would essentially have to be declared throughout the country, with the military, armoured vehicles and heavily armed soldiers being dispatched to the suburbs to apprehend and detain all the gang members and individuals in this sphere, pending their prosecution and deportation. Such is the strength and prevalence of the criminal gangs in multicultural Sweden.

The politicians who govern this country have created this situation via their anti-Nordic policies, and via the massive alien invasion that they themselves have welcomed through the gates. They are responsible for all the suffering to which our people are subjected.

The police authorities, on the other hand, whose task is to maintain law and order, also have no desire whatsoever to crush this wave of terror against the Swedish people. The police chiefs are corrupt and are more interested in their careers than fighting crime.

It is, of course, clear that the police are partly constrained by the current laws passed by the traitors in the Riksdag. Once someone is arrested and put on trial, they are either handed a minimal punishment that is disproportionate to their crime, or in other cases given a punishment that in no way provides the rehabilitation required to prevent the person from re-offending.

Deportation, in the case of foreign gangs, is usually not an option due to the corrupt jury system. But even if the current police authorities were given the power to do what is required, and the courts were actually independent and the law sound, they still would not be capable of doing so.

A police authority that places a higher value on so-called “dialogue” and coddles criminal gangs of foreigners instead of taking action cannot guarantee any kind of security, no matter how many resources and powers it has. Poor leadership combined with a Cultural Marxist doctrine has created a rottenness within the police. The physical and mental standards have been lowered in favour of political correctness, which has led to a police force full of racial aliens, weak feminised men and mentally unstable women, LGBTQ lunatics and advocates of multiculturalism.

There are no doubt still strong and honest police officers left, men as well as women, but they are in the clear minority – more often than not, the current police authority spends an enormous amount of resources on fighting political opposition.

As an activist in the Nordic Resistance Movement, I have experienced both brutality and harassment from the police, against myself and my comrades over the years. There are apparently always police resources for this, but poor old Anna, who is robbed and raped in her own home by foreigners, has to fend for herself.

The entire police authority must therefore be dismantled to make way for a new, capable law enforcement force consisting of physically and mentally strong men and women with the will to protect the people from all conceivable internal threats. This must be the new law enforcement agency’s primary task. It must also have the authority to do what is necessary to prevent and stop crime effectively.

Order, freedom and justice

In the new society we must build, there is no place for egocentrism. The people; i.e., the racial collective, always stand taller than the individual.

Despite this, every Nordic citizen must be guaranteed fundamental rights alongside his obligations. He must, as I mentioned previously, have the right to go his own way in life, as long as this does not entail turning against his own people.

We will build a new state governed by the rule of law, where equal rights and obligations will apply to all Nordic citizens, a state where their freedom and safety will be secured via their own self-sacrifice. For a society composed of rootless individuals with endless “rights” – but without the obligation to defend their rights – can never be free and safe from ruthless profiteers and abusers.

He who chooses to betray his own people in the future, he who chooses to murder, steal and otherwise violate and exploit his racial comrades, will know that he will be caught and pay the price for his immoral acts.

With all this said, it is important to understand that it is precisely the current state that has enabled the foreign gangs’ reign of terror; it is the current state that has given rise to the widespread crime in society, regardless of what kind of crime it is. Without mass immigration, the problems of fatal shootings, drug trafficking, rapes and bombings would more or less be a memory.

In serious criminal cases, long sentences are more than appropriate; and in relation to unforgivable crimes, so is the death penalty. But this way of thinking cannot be applied in all situations when discussing crime.

For example, people who take drugs, steal and engage in vandalism and other types of “milder” crime are usually people who have simply ended up on the wrong track in life.

Throughout society, a spirit of extreme individualism exists, which has made people feel no affinity with one another; they only think of themselves and at best their closest relatives. This state supports – and actively advocates – these ideas concerning the individual’s absolute “freedom” to do exactly what he wants without any regard for his fellow kinsmen. They do this precisely because they want to divide the population. It creates egocentric people who have no compunctions about exploiting or harming other people if it benefits themselves in any way.

Instead of placing these people in cramped prison cells with no contact with the outside world, where they will only be temporarily held, they must be given a fair second chance:

Those who are serving a prison sentence will work hard to atone for their crimes; but they will also know that once they are released there will be somewhere to go, that employment and housing will be waiting for them and that any debts or negative credit history they had has been reduced if not eliminated based on work completed during their incarceration. Those who have served their sentence will also have received therapeutic help, become educated and received valuable lessons for the future. They will also have been made to understand what a national community and identity means. This will minimize the risks for repeat offenders and therefore benefit society as a whole.

We recognize the importance of more criminological research to both prevent crime and provide mental healthcare providers with the resources they need. In addition, we believe a greater number of correctional institutions should require a labor obligation outside the facility from its prisoners. The industries of agriculture and forestry, could provide the work for the prisoners while serving their sentences. In this way, prisoners working outside of the correctional facility could benefit themselves and the society at large.

– Point 9 of the Nordic Resistance Movement’s political programme, Our Path

We will continue to fight for people and country with the ambition to create a real constitutional state with a strong police force, where true rule of law prevails and in which our people are no longer tormented by criminal aliens and foreign profiteers.

This new state will not imitate the current one in all other respects either. We do not want to see a society that is permeated by greed, in which every man and woman must manage on their own, and where all Swedes are pitted against one another.

It is our will to build a completely new state in which every Nordic citizen is part of a larger national community, where the strong help to elevate the weak to their own level, a society that has the entire Nordic people’s well-being at its core. We want to tear down this criminal, decadent state and build a Nordic folk state in its place. This is our ambition.

For order, freedom and justice!