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The Nordic Resistance Movement – The last outpost in the fight against the homo lobby


IDEOLOGY. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement writes about the dangers of the homo lobby’s advance, and the Resistance Movement’s struggle against these heterophobic forces.

Warning! If you are easily offended, you should not read this article as it presents an uncensored look at our organisation’s views on issues relating to the homo lobby, its representatives and its fanatics.

One organisation that has really advanced its positions in recent years is the homo lobby. Their gatherings celebrating the absurd and unnatural in their so-called Pride parades had previously been chiefly confined to the major cities, but they have now spread in earnest to medium-sized and small towns across all of the Nordics. During these parades they don’t just demonstrate against the natural family and “hetero-norms” but also hold perverse orgies in the public space and exhibit a fondness for paedophilia and other deranged sexual aberrations.

In the midst of these perverse “men” in women’s clothes, bare-naked bodies, whips and dildos are small children. They’re dragged there by self-hating feminist and politically correct extremist parents and even by their own primary schools. They walk around with rainbow flags and are exploited as propaganda tools for a new and inverted world order.

In this article I will endeavour to explain where the Nordic Resistance Movement stands in regard to these matters. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll begin by citing our political programme, Our Path, and what is written therein about homosexuality and the homo lobby:

Cultural Marxism, where feminism plays a central role, has resulted in a generally hostile attitude towards traditional family and community. Those wanting to cause division between the genders have used the issue of homosexuality as a tool to destroy the so-called “hetero-norm”, in other words, the natural order in every healthy society. The influential homosexual lobby has made homosexuality something completely normal, and even in many cases desirable when discussed within the climate of debate that dominates our media and culture today. Examples would include the political representatives of the people partaking in “Pride Parades” or making homosexuals into a legal, technical category as a separate ethnic group. One should note that ethnic Swedes and heterosexuals are not legally viewed in this way. A healthy and well-functioning family, based on what is natural and best for the child, is, of course, formed by a man and a woman. This basic, natural tenet must pervade the public debate regarding families. Marriage and adoption is strictly reserved for this natural constellation. However, we do not see any need to criminalize homosexuals as long as they do not, through rhetoric and actions, flagrantly display their unnatural orientation.

The Nordic Resistance Movement will:

* Promote and elevate the natural family ideal between a man and a woman. Ban homosexual marriage and adoption.

* Outlaw the homosexual lobby and other propaganda targeted at the natural family unit.

* Ban flagrant homosexuality in the public realm.

But how is the homo lobby actually a threat? What does it matter if they’re allowed to gather and parade around a few times a year?

As I see it, there are four clear problems.

1. The homo lobby creates more homosexuals. Exactly what the underlying causes of homosexuality are is a constant source of discussion and scientific research (as well as pseudo-research). Homosexuals themselves often say they are born that way. Others believe various toxins in food and the environment lead to hormone disorders and other defects.1 And research from the USA shows that it’s exclusively due to people (who are often mentally ill) desperately seeking a group affiliation.2

The fact that the homo lobby’s propaganda increases the number of people who profess deviant sexual disorders is just as evident as the fact that more people with a genetic disposition for substance abuse will become drug addicts if they’re exposed to extensive encouragement to take drugs.

Regardless of whether it’s due to brainwashing or toxins in the food, one cannot help but feel sorry for these people who cannot live a secure life in their naturally given gender roles. In our future National Socialist state, we will look after the weak and vulnerable in society along with everyone else. We direct no hatred or ill will towards homosexuals, just as we direct none towards a person in the throes of drug addiction.

Conversely, the drug dealer who originally supplied an addict with the dependence-inducing poison should be punished severely, in particularly serious cases with death. Here the homosexual lobby is just as liable as the drug dealer, as they destroy people’s lives via the dissemination of their poison. They also deny men and women the right to the most natural aspect of existence after birth and death; namely, reproduction and the continuation of their bloodline.

Even those who believe in the extremely poorly supported theory that people are born homosexual ought to plainly see that the homo lobby’s advances induce more people to live out their desires as homosexuals instead of resisting such feelings in favour of a natural life comprising a man, woman and children, which most homosexuals clearly appear capable of if they so choose.

2. The homo lobby advances the acceptance of sexually deviant behaviour and paves the way for even more extreme sexual orientations. Not many years ago – and with good reason, considering the impossibility of reproduction – it was highly taboo to be homosexual in the Nordic cultures. Even more recently, it was regarded as insanity to want to dress up as someone from the opposite sex.

Today homosexuality is seen as being as normal as heterosexuality in many sections of society, transvestites are perhaps still viewed as a little odd, but not as anything strictly wrong, and acceptance has even increased for playing Mother Nature by “correcting” genders bestowed by birth via a highly advanced and millions-year-old process.

Here it becomes clear that this isn’t just about homosexuality, but also considerably crazier things that have crept out of the woodwork. Because at the time when homosexuality was regarded as being wrong, transvestites were naturally viewed as completely insane, and no one had even thought about people being so mentally ill that they would want to change their sex.

Now all three of these orientations are more or less accepted, and in the background lurk even sicker people who are 100% guaranteed to make headway in step with the homo lobby’s permitted advances. These could be paedophiles, necrophiles, zoophiles or even apotemnophiles (a desire, sometimes sexual, to be amputated), which is actually not much stranger than wanting to mutilate one’s own sexual organs.

But the limit as to what is regarded as being OK or not will not be set by the homo lobby itself – on the contrary, individuals in this group often see a selfish benefit in the boundaries being pushed forwards, because if we go so far as regarding perversions such as sex with a corpse to be completely normal and acceptable, then people are hardly likely to turn their noses up at a “harmless” homosexual.

Regarding paedophilia, a great many facts have been produced by researchers as to whether it’s more common among heterosexuals or homosexuals. But these facts are something you’ll have to seek out for yourself, as according to past court rulings it’s unfortunately illegal (!) for me to present them here in this article.

What it isn’t illegal to say (at least not yet) is that several respected people in the homosexuals’ most prominent association in Sweden, the RFSL, attempted to abolish the age of consent and legalise paedophilia in a wave of lobbying as early as the 1980s and 1990s.3 As one example, the group sent a statement to the Ministry of Justice in which they asserted that “paedophiles bring tenderness and love”. The RFSL also shared a post-office box with the Paedophile Working Group (Pedofila arbetsgruppen) at the beginning of the 1990s, and their guidebook “Spartacus” was, according to the UN, a travel guide designed to help paedophiles come into contact with children in places like Thailand.

The “sexual education” organisation RFSU, which is closely allied with the RFSL and is an important group behind Sweden’s Pride festivals, has long worked for increased sexualisation of children, such as via sex education at nursery schools.4 At a recent Pride festival, they only classified attendees under the age of 13 as children, while 13 year olds, who are under the age of consent, were classified as adults. Such acts are part of the lobbying work to lower the age of consent and increase acceptance for paedophilia.

3. The homo lobby and its Pride parades form part of an immoral and unnatural social decay. In no other kind of parade is sexuality so important that the participants gladly display their sexual organs and brandish their sex toys. You can call me conservative on this matter if you like, but to run around and expose your penis in public around young children is not healthy behaviour. Sexuality and sexual organs should be something private between the parties who have voluntarily agreed to engage in such activity with each other.

It’s clear that this sexual openness affects the audience at the parades, especially the young. If a 13-year-old girl sees her mother baring her breasts in the middle of town among masses of people, including policemen, priests and politicians – why wouldn’t it be OK for her to do the same on a Friday evening? What do you think happens to a 13-year-old girl who walks around and bares her breasts to a bunch of foreign men on a Friday evening?

For boys, this open sexuality is guaranteed to lead to an increased sexualised view of other people and in all likelihood will increase the risk of their committing sexual assaults during their lifetimes. Especially if they are of a less empathetic sort.5

This sexual decadence is one of many factors that combine to create a degenerate and highly unhealthy society in which young people in particular are affected by identity crises and their accompanying destructivity. It’s a fact that more and more such people are taking their own lives. I accuse the homo lobby of being one of the causes.

4. The homo lobby want homosexuals’ power to be expanded at the expense of heterosexuals. The mantra “everyone’s equal value” is not about raising everyone’s value and standards, as many of its adherents seem to believe, but rather the opposite – to reduce everyone to the same lowest level. The cake is only as big as it is – it won’t get any bigger just because more want a piece of it.

All advancement for a minority group negatively affects the majority group. The homo lobby fights for a sexual minority. Not for their rights, because homosexuals have long had the same rights as heterosexuals, but rather for their advancement at the expense of heterosexuals – at the expense of the nuclear family and those who produce new generations of our people. They are not satisfied with having had their proportional piece of the cake but instead want even more. And they are getting it too.

Homosexual couples have been legally allowed to adopt children in Sweden since 2003. This is hardly a right or a proportional piece of the cake but rather an extra piece, as nature has very clearly regulated that homosexuals cannot reproduce.

Members of the homo lobby are allowed to expose themselves at their demonstrations without being arrested. This is not a right everyone in Sweden has (regardless of whether or not most people would actually want such a right) but is solely for those who take part in these decadent processions.

Homosexuals are protected from criticism in accordance with the incitement to racial hatred law. This is not a law that whites, Swedes or heterosexuals can be protected by and is thus another piece of the cake.

In 2018, transsexuals were also legally classified as their own protected group to defend them from “hatred”. A further law was passed in 2018 that awarded compensation to people who were sterilised in relation to “altered gender affiliation” surgery between 1972 and 2013. The sterilisations were something the applicants were fully aware of before they booked their operations and not a mistake or something they were forced into. The fact that they were even allowed to have these operations at the cost of the state is an extra piece of the cake, and that they also received compensation is yet another piece.

The normal majority thus loses pieces of its cake as the unnatural minority gains more. These factors are hardly unique to just sexual minorities but by and large apply to all minorities in the world who are given free reign. It goes without saying that they want more and that they’re consequently in a constant low-intensity war against those who have the larger share of the cake. Unfortunately this doesn’t appear to be as obvious to the majority, who offer no resistance even though they’re losing more and more of their share. The homo lobby is in open war against “hetero norms”; i.e., all of us who are not sexually deviant.

So why don’t more people fight against the homo lobby?

Since 1945, Jews have constituted the system’s holy and inviolable cow. Many Jews have been very quick to come out and shout loudly about the slightest hint of an attack in their direction (in contrast to other minority groups). “Anti-Semitism” and “Nazism” have been screamed at anyone who has presented the smallest fact in a negative context in relation to Jews as people, Judaism as a religion or Israel as a state.

But direct criticism isn’t even required – just referring to Jews neutrally instead of positively, or promoting another people, religion or state, is also anti-Semitism, according to the most vociferous sections of the Jews. Via ownership and control of the mass media and infiltration in various sectors, they have won newspapers, politicians, cultural authorities and social commentators to their side, and consequently also the police, social services and state bodies. As such their voice has become even stronger, and the punishments for those who defy them have become harsher.

In recent years it’s become clear that the homo lobby also occupies this same position. The smallest criticism of Pride parades, the RFSL, RFSU, transsexuals etc. causes these groups to scream themselves hoarse about homophobia. Today, not taking a positive position towards homosexuals is to be homophobic. To praise the heterosexual nuclear family is the same as homophobia.

The easily offended, over-dramatic behaviour and readiness to play the victim at all times is the same. The support from the media is also just as great, which we’ve seen at demonstrations we’ve held against the homo lobby; for example, in Kristiansand, Norway.6 With all this in mind, maybe it’s not so surprising that the homo lobby was founded by a Jew7 and has been propelled by Zionist organisations ever since as a deliberate part of the fight to neglect the Nordic people.

The Jew Magnus Hirschfeld, one of the founders of the homo lobby

All of this has led to a politically correct competition, in which various companies and associations do everything they can to become the most favourably disposed towards the homo lobby, and in which those that do not are stigmatised and forced into public apologies. Just a few years ago it would have been unthinkable for the post office to issue a pro-homosexuality stamp8 or for bus drivers to be forced to drive buses with rainbow flags on9 – now it’s an everyday occurrence and leads to even fewer people daring to take up the fight against the homo lobby.


Only a few groups oppose this insanity, and every year they seem to become fewer and fewer. But there is a single organisation that goes against the trend and grows, becoming an ever greater resistance – a last outpost in the fight against the homo lobby. Our name is the Nordic Resistance Movement!

In reality, religious groups, as well as conservative and nationalist parties, should be standing in the frontline of the resistance, just like regular family men protecting their children. Note the word “SHOULD”.

The Christian groups, with the possible exception of Livets Ord, seem to have completely capitulated and instead have become more and more accepting – with the Church of Sweden, which now participates in Pride parades, at the forefront. The political parties in parliament do the same, and the Sweden Democrats are no exception, even though the Pride organisers don’t allow them to march in their parades. The Muslims don’t appear to want to organise anything other than incorrectly aimed attacks at sexually deviant individuals instead of the larger lobby.

“Employees of the Church of Sweden”

Regular people – who should really be taking to the streets to push back this aggressive threat to our children, culture and survival – either laugh that it’s all “something cool” and that it’s good that something’s happening in town, or sit at home and clench their fists in their pockets, just as they do about so many other problems affecting our people and nation.

But the Resistance Movement continues the struggle every day and will not give in. Our representatives will never be seen participating in a Pride parade or apologising to the homo lobby in the media. Our activists will never clench their fists in their pockets or think that it’s “cool” when aggressive minority groups advance their positions at our people’s expense.

With the Resistance Movement there is a living and active Resistance. In recent years, hundreds of homo lobby flags have been confiscated and burned, and targeted activism has been conducted in response to “Pride festivals” in numerous cities. Below is a video from an anti-Pride activity in Södertälje, another place that gave up attempts to raise new occupation flags:

In the Resistance Movement we assemble our people against the insanity. With us you are welcomed instead of being stigmatised when you oppose your municipality’s priests, policemen or politicians demonstrating against you and your family alongside naked sexual minorities, or when you protest about your daughter’s nursery school teaching her that it’s good to touch herself, or your son being encouraged to play with Barbie dolls.

You who think that the decadence has gone far enough, you who want to take back what we have lost and want to fight for a society based on natural and healthy values – it’s time that you joined us so that together we can wage the struggle against the homo lobby and all other anti-Nordic forces to an even greater extent in the future. The Resistance Movement is the last outpost and our people’s last hope!

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