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Double public actions in Skåne


ACTIVISM. On Saturday, 2 October, Sweden’s Nest 3 held public leaflet distributions in both Svedala and Vellinge. The activists received a particularly high level of support from the public. The day ended with the Nest’s monthly meeting and socialising.

NRM activism in Skåne

On 2 October, activists from Nest 3 gathered in Svedala and Vellinge to distribute leaflets to the public. In both locations, the symbols of the Resistance Movement were well known to the locals, and people even asked the activists how other members of the Resistance Movement were doing.

In Svedala, staff members from the ICA store came outside as usual to ensure that the Resistance Movement had permission to distribute leaflets in front of the shop. Before the activists had time to respond, customers explained to the two stray ICA women that no permit was needed to distribute leaflets in a public place. The Resistance men also received several positive comments throughout the activity.

NRM leafleting activism in Skåne

After the public actions, the Nest’s monthly meeting was held, with activist Sebastian Elofsson giving a speech about the spirit of self-sacrifice. In addition to dinner with dessert and a speech, the day concluded with the screening of a film – Jonas Nilsson’s Why Is Sweden Multicultural? – a documentary that clearly reveals the forces behind the destruction of Sweden and the other Nordic countries.