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Action day in multicultural Tranås


ACTIVISM. Comrades from Activist Group 701 conducted activism in the southern Swedish town of Tranås, which has suffered from population replacement in recent years.

Multiculturalism and its problems are nothing new for Tranås. For example, in 2015, the town’s Social Democrat Youth League organised a multicultural football competition, which devolved into a mass brawl. But since then the problems in the town have become increasingly evident.

As Tranås was once again on the agenda due to recent multicultural unrest, with cases of assault and drug sales to young people, Activist Group 701 held an action day in the town to remind residents – and, most importantly, young people – that there is an alternative to the madness running rampant in the municipality.

The day began by gathering at a central location in the town, where the plan for the activity was reviewed. The first stop was the Ängaryd area, followed by Junkaremålen.

Ängaryd are Junkaremålen are quieter areas that stand in stark contrast to the more multicultural town centre, where pizza vendors and kebab rotisseries alternate every 20 metres.

Here, the members of the Activist Group split into smaller groups and methodically covered the various streets in both areas. Leaflets that warned of the consequences of population replacement were delivered, while lampposts and electrical boxes were adorned with stickers. In addition, hostile propaganda put up by a gender-confused opponent was removed.

After covering both areas, the comrades headed to the town centre and walked along Storgatan, which runs through the whole town. Here, the comrades could observe the presence of the previously mentioned kebab sellers and ascertain that a considerable proportion of people in the town centre were racial aliens.

The propaganda distribution continued in the midst of this multicultural Eldorado, with posters being placed on bus shelters and notice boards. Apart from the pizzerias, the town centre mostly appeared to consist of closed-down shops. Cleaning of hostile propaganda also took place, primarily of the notice boards along Storgatan, which had been sullied with posters promoting multiculturalism and liberal pro-drug messages.

When the comrades were finished for the day, they returned to the gathering place and said their goodbyes, satisfied with having beautified the townscape with the National Socialist message.