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The Resistance Movement crash traitors’ Zionist lovefest


ACTIVISM. On 10 October, a demonstration was held in Stockholm in support of the terrorist state of Israel. Sweden’s Nest 1 counter-demonstrated.

“Long Live the Resistance – Smash Zionism”

Following the Hamas-led Al-Aqsa Storm operation, which began in Israel on 7 October, a demonstration was organised in Stockholm. Behind the initiative was a Swedish-Jewish lobby organisation led by both Jewish and non-Jewish Zionists. They also assembled party representatives from six of the eight parliamentary parties, all of whom tried to outdo one another in sucking up to Israel.

Israel’s ambassador to Sweden

The number of lies and platitudes flowing out the mouths of the traitors was of such magnitude that it would likely be “hate speech” to suggest who it resembled. All the speeches could be summarised with the following phrases: “Israel has the right to defend itself against terrorists”, “Israel works for peace” and “Israel has never done anything wrong”.

A pamphlet was distributed by the organisers with information about Israel, which all the traitors were happy to endorse. However, had the word “Israel” been replaced with “Sweden” on this pamphlet, the text would have suddenly constituted hate, racism, xenophobia and fascism, and all the parties would have strongly distanced themselves from the statement. Foreign power is thus higher on the agenda than Sweden’s own sovereignty, according to the so-called popularly elected politicians in Sweden.

The pamphlet distributed at the event described the “Jewish state” of Israel in language that could be considered a “hate crime” were the same written about Swedes and Sweden

The Resistance Movement arrived on the scene with a banner to show their disgust for the terrorist state of Israel, which, since its foundation, has occupied Palestine, displaced its people and murdered tens of thousands. The comrades were immediately met by police officers, who tried all kinds of dirty tricks. The police said the Resistance men were not allowed to stand opposite the demonstration and would have to move 200 metres away, where no one would be able to see or hear their message.

Because the activists have learned the law better than the police themselves over the years, they remained in place at the location, exactly as they knew they had the lawful right to do, and unfurled the banner. The police brazenly tried to stop the free expression of opinion several times, by pretending that one thing or another was illegal, while simultaneously doing their best to stand in the way of the banner.

An angry Jew is sent away by the police

With the message “Long Live the Resistance – Smash Zionism!” the comrades chanted various slogans during the demonstration. “Israel, terrorist state”, “Israel, murderers” and “Death to Israel” could all be heard clearly by the audience. This was accompanied by vocal responses to the politicians’ despicable lies about how Israel is just like an innocent lamb in the current conflict.

It was very clear that a significant portion of the visitors were Jews, as many were very offended by the Resistance Movement’s presence. Several Jews crossed the street to spew their hatred at the only people present who did not stroke their egos. However, the comrades never received any answers to the fact that Israel murders women and children – only silence and boos. The audience’s sect mentality was strong. They clapped their hands and shouted in a frenzy as the politicians competed in feeling sorry for Israel and promising them heaven and earth from Sweden.

Another angry Jew screams his hatred in front of his child
There were no “lack of police resources” during the evening

After about an hour, the last speaker had finished kissing up to the Jews and the demonstration was concluded. A few vociferous Zionists remained and shouted sporadically, with nothing worthwhile to say – just phrases about the comrades being Nazis, which didn’t exactly come as a shock to organised National Socialists. After the circus ended and the crowd calmed down, the Resistance men rolled up the banner and left the area, happy with how much exposure the message received in such a short time and with so few resources.

Israel, Terrorist State! Israel, Terrorist State! Israel, Terrorist State!