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Activism against the population replacement in Stockholm


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 1 were in the capital on 13 August to inform the people about the demographic situation in Sweden.

The day began on Highway 73, south of Stockholm, where the comrades met to hold a bridge action. The message for the day was “Stop the Population Replacement”, which also adorned a number of bridges around the city earlier in the week.

The forecasted rain was noticeably absent, and instead it turned out to be a very warm and sunny day. As always, the passing drivers were mostly positive, with a few negative. Despite the text on the banner, which was hard to misinterpret, there were several racial foreigners who gave the thumbs-up and looked very happy.

It didn’t take long before two police cars drove onto the bridge. However, the trainee officers went straight back into their cars and hid as soon as the Resistance activists started filming, before driving off.

A sad-looking Red of undefined gender was seen a little way from the bridge, peeling off stickers that had been put up earlier in the day. When the creature was questioned at close range, it became completely hysterical and screamed like a stuck pig, before hurrying off. After two hours had passed, the comrades felt satisfied and made their way to nearby public transport.

The Resistance men headed into central Stockholm and stood with a banner and flag over Sergels Torg. Here, they started handing out leaflets on the same theme, which received many positive reactions from passers-by. The comrades met everyone from old Swedish pensioners who want to throw out all the racial foreigners, to racial foreigners themselves, who high-fived the comrades when they found out what they were fighting for. A short speech about the population replacement was held on-site by an activist.

“Stop the Population Replacement”

Shortly afterwards, the police arrived and proved themselves to be as ignorant of the law as usual. They wanted to know if the activists had a permit to stand in a public place and hand out leaflets, asking if one of the comrades could show proof of permission on his mobile phone. When no permit was presented, the police just followed the comrades to the next location and stood at a distance, observing the rest of the activity, which they had just claimed was illegal to conduct.

Next, the activists lined up on Drottninggatan and continued the leaflet distribution. Here they met a hopelessly naive young man, who repeated every platitude imaginable about why ethnicity doesn’t matter and how racial foreigners rape and murder because they are poor. When he was refuted on every point, his only response was to say that we are evil and that we hate people and scare them. When the man was asked to elaborate on the ways we hate and scare people, he was unable to explain and instead admitted that the comrade he was talking to was actually very nice and not scary or hateful at all. Yet after all this, his opinion remain unchanged, even though he couldn’t explain why.

After a while in this location, the men continued on to the Swedish parliament building, the Riksdag. Just across from the Riksdag, on Mynttorget, there was another group of people protesting loudly against China’s treatment of the Uyghurs, demanding the Swedish government stop what the demonstrators called a “population replacement”. Although the Resistance Movement sympathises with other people who fight against tyrannical states, the liberation of the Nordic people is highest on the agenda. Until this goal is achieved, and power is returned to the people, very little can be done about conditions in other countries.

With a banner and flag positioned in front of the Riksdag, another speech was held, this time concerning the traitors who sit in power and who will be held accountable for their actions in the future. Leaflets were given out here, too. One comrade reported that the activity received unusually positive reactions from racial foreigners. Many other people came over to ask for leaflets, which is rare in a big city like Stockholm, where the majority of residents are completely apathetic and indifferent.

Outside the Swedish parliament

After nearly five hours had passed since the start of the day, the banner and flag were rolled up and the Resistance men returned to their cars. They then went on to have something to eat together and discuss the day, before going their separate ways.

Despite what the sleeping majority are tricked into believing by the lying press, a population replacement has been underway for a long time, in almost all White countries. This is a reality that can be proved with simple mathematics. The Resistance Movement is the only organised political movement that seriously addresses this issue and what its consequences will be for our children and grandchildren. If you don’t want to become a minority in your own country, you and many more people must join the struggle and fight for our future. Join the struggle. Join the Resistance Movement!