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The Resistance Movement own the streets of Uppsala


ACTIVISM. The Nordic Resistance Movement conducted a successful activity in the university city of Uppsala on 23 September. Below is a detailed report.

The comrades arrived in central Uppsala in mid-afternoon, before quickly assembling in an organised fashion, exiting their cars and forming into a rallied troop in just one minute. A short briefing was then held about what the participants could expect from the day and the best way to conduct the activity. Slogans for the day were also reviewed. Shortly thereafter everyone lined up on the road with a drummer, megaphone, banner and flags, before immediately starting to march down the street.

Once again, the organisation demonstrated its ability to plan and execute activities without information leaking out, as the police were completely caught napping. It wasn’t until the end of the day that the police would be at full strength. In its early stages, the march went over Fyris River, where many surprised people were encountered at outdoor cafés and along the way.

Saying you’re a feminist without saying you’re a feminist…

One of Uppsala’s worst drug addicts came out of the gutter with a microphone with no loudspeaker, following the march for the rest of the day, babbling something in English about Jesus. Despite the comrades’ clear numerical superiority, several unruly spectators had to be reprimanded when they were unable to behave themselves. It was evident early on that Uppsala is a city that has been severely affected by liberalism and multiculturalism.

Uppsala’s anti-fascist elite awakens
An unruly racial foreigner is ordered away

The march continued through the city, accompanied by drums and slogans echoing off the walls, now with the police close behind – towards Stortorget, which was the destination for the day.

To the comrades’ surprise, a climate sect consisting of parents and elderly people was on the town square, trembling ahead of the doomsday they’ve been promised by the media and celebrities. Its members had chosen to spend their Saturday chanting their mantra over and over again in a sombre tone, as if in a trance. For these people, the situation was clearly a religious experience, as they sat in a circle on the ground, constantly repeating four short sentences. A sad sight, but an all-too-common consequence of what can happen to those who are deprived of their history and identity as a people, and who, via liberalism, find completely false “higher values” for which to fight.

A group of lost souls calling themselves the “Rebel Mothers”

The comrades lined up in the middle of the square with their banner, surrounded by flags at the back and sides. The number of people following the march meant the audience at the location was noticeably large. Almost everyone took their phone out at some point to film or photograph the event, which would subsequently be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people on social media.

After a while on the site, it was time for the first speaker of the day, Anders Gudmarsson, who spoke via megaphone. His speech was about the people’s replacement, which is happening in almost all White countries. The sect was unimpressed that someone was disturbing their religious service and tried to drown him out by chanting their mantra even more persistently, but Anders wasn’t to do be outdone.

Where there could have been strong, proud, healthy and homogeneous streams of Nordic people, they have decided there should be tragedy, despair, death and decay, all in the name of multiculturalism and tolerance. But if this is the culture we are expected to tolerate, then I refuse!

Swedish men and women: Rise high like pine trees above the undergrowth! Cast off the yoke of shame from your shoulders, and demand – in our children’s name – your inviolable right to the land of our fathers. Walk in our ranks and depose the tyrants from their ivory towers with us!

A happy Anders Gudmarsson after his speech

The next speaker was Joakim Kannisto. He began by stating he had worked in Uppsala for a decade but that he only has negative experiences of the city, which nowadays is better known for its honour killings, gangs and shootings than its cathedral or university.

Folk-traitors who want to mix out the White race, impose multiculturalism, shootings, rapes and other culturally vibrant things. They and all the virtue-signallers should live out their multiethnic dream and move to a place occupied by foreigners.

This system, which the nation-building, pro-welfare state White population wants, cannot be recreated by anyone other than Whites. Multiculturalism can only take resources, energy, capital and time from this societal structure. And if it’s not stopped, there will be no pensions or welfare for anyone, neither foreigners nor Whites.

While the speeches were being given, leaflets were distributed to passers-by and conversations took place with interested parties. Some people in the city were so mentally unstable that the only thing they could do was scream their hatred when they saw the Resistance Movement, which the comrades just saw as an amusing feature of the day. After the climate sect had been on the square for a good while, they packed up and left; however, the city’s dregs continued to repeat the same chant over and over, only with greatly reduced voices. This had now become the rabble’s “fight song”, which they looked very proud of singing together.

With the speeches concluded and the leaflet distribution over, the Resistance men reformed into ranks, with the banner and flags at the front. They then marched out of the square, accompanied by drums and slogans. Along the way back out of the city centre, they encountered a variety of different people, including old ladies who complained to the police, racial foreigners who shouted from their balconies, and youths who followed behind and filmed everything on their phones.

Some people could not believe their eyes

The highlight of the day occurred after a known AFA anti-fascist followed the comrades along the route. Most likely under the influence of drugs, he became so agitated that the police pulled him away and had to wrestle him to the ground, all to great cheers and laughter from the comrades.

Shortly thereafter, the Resistance men returned to the gathering place, where everyone was thanked for a successful activity, and some of the day’s events were discussed. A black-and-red enemy flag had also come into the possession of one of the comrades.

The activity was then concluded and the comrades parted ways, satisfied with the day’s activity and the great exposure it received.