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Nest 5 public leaflet distribution in Avesta


ACTIVISM. On November the 9th, members of Nest 5’s Activist Group visited the centre of Avesta, Dalarna County, to distribute leaflets and talk to the town’s inhabitants.

An active member from the Nest’s Member Group also joined the activity and conversed with the people of Avesta, who were very happy the Resistance Movement visited that weekend.

Despite the bitter cold on account of the high humidity and zero-degree temperature, many enthusiastic conversations with passers-by helped warm up the atmosphere. The comrades distributed some one hundred leaflets within a few hours and had several conversations with sympathisers.

Avesta has recently seen a large amount of basic activism from the Member Group, so it was about time for the Activist Group to visit and conduct a public activity – which the inhabitants of Avesta will see much more of in the future.