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Protest action against “pride” event in Nässjö


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 stood up for the family in Nässjö.

Comrades from Nest 7 met on Saturday to conduct a protest action against a pride parade that went through the town of Nässjö. After waiting for the parade to arrive at Stadsparken, they unfurled a banner with the text “Protect the Family – Mother, Father, Children”.

The participants at the decadent event became noticeably agitated by the Resistance Movement’s presence but remained calm. They stood in front of the Resistance men’s banner with their own banner and flags in an attempt to block the view, but they couldn’t hold their banner straight. An old lady came over to make a stand against the Resistance men but put her pride flag down on the ground when she couldn’t hold it anymore, apparently unaware of what that signifies. Later on, the homosexuals blocking the banner left, and the comrades could spread their message to the remaining attendees.

When the group was satisfied with the activity, they went back to their cars and noticed the police were following them in a van, probably to register their political opinions. The police positioned themselves outside the exit and waited for the activists’ cars, but they gave up when they saw the Resistance men drive out the other side of the car park and take a different road.

The comrades drove to a bridge over National Road 50 and held a banner action. Both positive and negative greetings were forthcoming. When the activity organiser felt satisfied with the day, everyone went to their cars and said their goodbyes.