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Thoughts on Jan Lamprecht’s appearance on Nordic Frontier


INSIGHT. Johan shares his thoughts on the recent appearance of Jan Lamprecht on Nordic Frontier.

Jan Lamprecht, born in Rhodesia (today’s Zimbabwe) and currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa, is a powerful voice in revealing and exposing the historic truth about race, communism and the Jewish influence in Africa, particularly the southern region of Africa, from the end of WW2 to the present day.

He has a wealth of personal and researched knowledge that can be ingested in greater depth through some of his many internet outlets – our interview touched on a few of these issues.

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Lamprecht explained that the vast majority of the colonization of Africa happened in a very short period of time, when various white European peoples seized control of approximately 90% of the continent over 20 years in the late 1800’s. They quickly set to work laying down infrastructure the likes of which the African people had never seen: roads, railroads, shipping industries and ports (not only on the coasts but along the navigable rivers and great lakes of the interior).

As for Rhodesia’s particular history, the British businessman Cecil Rhodes came to the region in the early 1890’s and made a fortune in mining, but also held a great vision of creating a vast British Empire from the Cape to Cairo. Rhodes was heavily financed by the Rothschilds and thus it can be speculated that his agenda was using the whites as pawns in his empire-building to ultimately benefit the Jew. Most of the developments by white people that we associate with this time period were, in fact, accomplished not through governments but through stockholding/tradeable companies, which developed contracts and made signed deals with the blacks of each region. There are countless documents recorded proving these dealings were legitimate, usually with the whites paying for and fulfilling demands of the blacks in return for access to land for settling and developing. Unfortunately, relations were untenable and led to a race war by the end of the 1890’s.

The history of whites in Africa shows much greater populations in the southern regions. North Rhodesia (today’s Zambia) and South Rhodesia (today’s Zimbabwe) were a British colony until 1923 when the British South Africa Company (founded by Rhodes) officially handed power over to the whites of the region. They were given the option of joining South Africa but instead chose to self rule. Lamprecht explained that the Rhodesians proved to be the most fiercely loyal of all the colonies to the motherland of Britain, volunteering in such numbers in the war that they had to stop them for fear of leaving no men behind to run Rhodesia. This undying devotion to Britain would leave a bitter taste later when Rhodesians were betrayed by the motherland.

Following WW2, there was such destruction throughout so much of Europe that many white Europeans chose to flee and relocate to the African colonies, greatly increasing the white populations, especially in the southern region. At this same time, the Jewish communists had their stranglehold on Russia, giving them a strong platform from which to spread their ideology. They were enormously wealthy from years of financial support throughout the war from wealthy Jews – especially from the US – who financed the construction of industries, harnessed resources and built infrastructure. Immediately following the war, the Jewish communists grabbed all the resources they could from Germany, including scientists and engineers, and were ready to take over the world. Through the immediate development of Communist International, the Jews determined to rule the earth with communism by establishing a party in every country on the globe. To do this, they would have to undermine and ultimately destroy the great white empires, and they would do it from within.

An interesting note is that the second oldest Communist Party was established in South Africa. Communist infiltration was, in fact, going so well there that Stalin liked the idea of turning South Africa into a black communist state. Most of the communists in South Africa were whites and Jews and so did not support this, but nobody says no to Stalin. This is when the Communist movement in South Africa switched to a black movement and went into high gear.

According to Lamprecht, Ian Smith (Prime Minister of Rhodesia from 1964-1979) interviewed a high official in Mugabe’s government in the early 1980’s and asked, “What converted you blacks to Communism?” The official replied, “The Soviets took us to Cuba to see communist rule, and we were not impressed. They took us to see Russia, and we were not impressed. Then they told us that with this system you can remain in power forever. That is when we were converted.” This truth, combined with “physical convincing” in the form of terror and torture, converted essentially all the blacks to communism. If nothing else, the promise of the Jew for permanent control held true, as the same people have remained in power all these years, even through many so-called “democratic” elections.

The agitations of the Jews throughout the continent continued and there were countless skirmishes and race wars. In Lamprecht’s opinion, Britain knew their colonies were infested with Soviet activity fighting for independence and they could no longer control the communist unrest in so many places at once. The British knew they were handing their colonies over to criminals, but they could no longer manage the situation. By 1960, through the “Winds of Change” speech given in South Africa by the UK Prime Minister Macmillan, it was clear that Britain was ready to give up her colonies. Macmillan promoted the idea of “Nationalism” in Africa and essentially told the whites it was time to go. This was the start of the bitter schism between Britain and Rhodesia.

An interesting note is that the Rhodesians engaged in the Boer Wars under false pretences, given fake reasons from Britain as to why they must attack. As mentioned, Rhodesia was totally loyal to Britain at the time and did as it was told. They went along with Britain and the Jews until the snake turned on them and they found themselves in the exact same spot as the Boers – that is when blood and soil kicks in. Now they followed the path of the Boers, and never again would Britain be their friend.

While much of Africa was going from colonial status to independent black rule nations, several white countries rejected this trend and fought for the land in intense race wars. These wars were essentially communist wars against whites. In Rhodesia, the first years of their war were unusually peaceful for the whites. They had such a powerful military of blacks and whites that everyone sent in by the Jews was eradicated before they could even enter the country. Soon though, the communists “convinced” the blacks through terror, torture and murder where their alliance should be. This worked, and slowly the tide turned against the white Rhodesians.

As a young man, Lamprecht learned first-hand how the blacks respected a hard-handed, white, male boss. His father was a farmer who, when things got out of hand, became judge and jury and swiftly beat up troublemakers. It worked quickly and efficiently and kept the farm running without involving authorities and bureaucracy. His brother was even stronger and found that a black who showed disrespect to taking an order or following through needed to be beaten into submission. He saw first-hand that then and only then would he respect you and be loyal.

Lamprecht lamented the state of African immigration to Europe and America. He marvelled at the financial support and aid given to the blacks over all of these years in Africa, with so little accomplishments to show for it. And now they seek asylum in white countries looking for greater help, leaning on victimhood status, and it works. And as we see, they will continue to accomplish nothing. He expressed frustration over the loss of wildlife through poaching and mismanagement under black rule when compared to the abundance of wildlife he experienced as a child when they had to thin elephant and rhinoceros herds yearly to keep them from damaging farms and forests. There was respectful management of natural resources and a harmony between the white man and the African environment. This is not possible with black rule, where each leader wants the biggest piece of the pie and never thinks beyond today – what they want and what they deserve.

That corruption is rampant among the communist blacks is certainly no secret. A study found that 1/3 of all aid given to African countries from the west ends up in Swiss bank accounts; these black leaders do not disseminate the aid or even invest in their own countries. If you look at the salaries of white officials prior to black rule, government salaries were modest and sensible. With black rule, the same positions earn many times more and for far less work. The communists promised higher wages, and they held good to that promise. But productivity did not rise with it, so more employees were hired, all with higher salaries, and the end result is less and less productivity. South African Airways has nine times the staff of other airlines their size, and the examples go on and on.

Lamprecht feels that in 100 years’ time white people will look back at white rule in Africa as the “Golden Age of Africa”. A time when, through white rule, the best work and accomplishments were drawn from the blacks. Whites, through direct experience and contact with blacks, were able to recognize their strengths and abilities as well as their weaknesses and inabilities. In the future, whites will recognize that our white ancestors of Africa fought wars for the land they had toiled and built up with valor and honor. Much like the Germans, who can hold their heads high knowing that at the end of WW2 they were the only ones who did not rape and pillage as the Americans and Russians did.

The only way out at this point, according to Lamprecht, is a total race war. He feels like the whites of South Africa live under such an intense state of security and defense right now with walls and fencing that they might as well just go to war. They are outfitted and ready. His wish is to see Africa owned and run by whites.

Lamprecht’s final message was to never listen to a Jew or a Liberal and never, ever forget that white people are awesome.