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Bridge action against the destruction of our people in Stockholm


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 1 highlighted the ongoing genocide of the Swedish people with a banner action above a busy road in Stockholm on 28 January.

"Stop the Destruction of Our People" banner action, Stockholm, Sweden
“Stop the Destruction of Our People!”

The activity was a continuation of the banner drops with the same “Stop the Destruction of Our People!” message that were conducted the day before, on “Holocaust Memorial Day”. [The Swedish word förintelsen means both “holocaust” and “destruction”, lending extra meaning to the banner’s slogan.]

The comrades met around lunchtime above National Road 73 for an extended bridge action. Although it was a Saturday, the road was still packed with cars. The Resistance Movement has become such a regular sight on the streets in Stockholm that drivers began honking their horns before the comrades had even unfurled their banner and flags. They knew exactly what to expect!

"Stop the Destruction of Our People" banner action, Stockholm, Sweden

A bridge action in Stockholm has a tendency to significantly increase the queues on the road, as every other driver slows down to read the message, take photos or film the banner with their phone. Some people even “park” in the middle of the highway to take a memento photo.

The state’s footsoldiers were quick to respond and showed up shortly after the action began, although they were just two in number. The officers wanted to talk about the usual things, but they didn’t get an answer from anyone. They then tried to read what was on the banner, suspecting it might contain an illegal message.

When the Resistance Movement’s cameraman returned to the bridge with his camera at the ready, one officer immediately became aggrieved and grabbed the comrade by the arm, claiming it was illegal to film his face. After a brief explanation of the law and how it actually applies to someone whose job it is to uphold it, the policeman realised he was wrong and backed down. Instead, he wanted answers to his tiresome questions, but he was told there was no reason to answer anything he wanted to know, given how he had behaved thus far.

"Stop the Destruction of Our People" banner action, Stockholm, Sweden
Hopefully this police officer can read better than he understands the law

A little upset, the officer hopefully learned a lesson about how he should behave in his profession next time, although the comrades thought it unlikely. The police said a report would be written about some alleged violation of the law, but no one present was ID-checked before both officers went back to their car and drove off slowly .

The activity continued as normal, with both positive and negative gestures and shouts from drivers. A female racial alien cycled behind the comrades at breakneck speed and shouted something obscene, only to receive an immediate response. Afterwards, the comrades remarked that is only ever people on bicycles that have something negative to say – either because they do not dare do anything unless they can quickly escape the vicinity, or because bicycles are somehow linked to leftism. In contrast, an elderly couple passed by and were very curious about what was happening and who was responsible. They looked pleasantly surprised when they heard the answer.

"Stop the Destruction of Our People" banner action, Stockholm, Sweden

When the activists had stood on the bridge long enough to have been seen by approximately 7,000 drivers, they felt it was time to conclude the successful activity, as they had other matters on the agenda for the day.