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Resistance Movement “holocausted” flag at Israeli embassy


ACTIVISM. The Nordic Resistance Movement signalled its opposition to the terrorist state of Israel with a speech and flag burning outside the Israeli embassy the day after “Holocaust Memorial Day”.

In response to Israel’s recent ban on the Palestinian flag and their terrorist classifications of a number of Palestinian civil organisations, the Resistance Movement decided to publicly demonstrate its disdain for these actions and clearly convey its stance on Israel.

Comrades went to central Stockholm, the location of Israel’s embassy, for the demonstration. However, they didn’t even have time to cross the street in front of the building before the state’s foot soldiers turned up and urgently wanted to know what was going on. Despite this concern, they were content with just remaining in the vicinity and watching.

Meanwhile, a passer-by, probably a Jewish man, approached. At first he was very curious as to why the comrades were standing there and then expressed his great displeasure about what was happening while brandishing his mobile phone.

Nordic Resistance Movement demonstration outside Israeli embassy, Stockholm
The suspected Jew was also invited to come and wipe his shoes

The comrades lined up outside the embassy with the Resistance Movement’s flag fluttering in the wind. In honour of the day, they had also acquired an Israeli flag, which served as a doormat.

An activist gave a speech via megaphone and proclaimed the following to passers-by:

Nordic Resistance Movement demonstration outside Israeli embassy, Stockholm

We who stand here today represent the Nordic Resistance Movement, which works daily to fight against the hostile forces who do everything they can to destroy our people.

These hostile forces do not only act against the Nordic people. The reason we stand outside Israel’s embassy today is because they also seek the extermination of the Palestinian people.

On another day, we could have been standing outside one of the other globalist states’ embassies, like that of the USA or Great Britain, whose leaders join Zionism’s ranks and bomb civilians in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. They assassinated Iran’s highly respected general Qasem Soleimani, as he acted as a counterforce to the globalists and was consequently killed in a targeted terrorist attack. They carry out the dirty work Israel does not want to do.

In autumn 2021, Israel classified organisations working to advance Palestinian civil society as terrorists, including the women’s organisation UPWC, the children’s rights organisation DCIP, the agricultural organisation UAWC and the Bisan Center. They did this solely to punish the Palestinian resistance.

A few weeks ago, Israel’s national security minister proclaimed they had introduced a ban on the Palestinian flag. This was because he believes the flag ‘encourages terrorism’.

And now, just a few days later, Israel bombed Palestine again and murdered innocent civilians and Palestinian freedom fighters from Hamas. Israel also conducts regular airstrikes against targets in Syria.

Israel bears the ultimate responsibility for the escalation of the conflict in the Middle East, while freedom fighters bravely defend their people and territory.

On account of all this, we in the Nordic Resistance Movement declare Israel’s flag to be a terrorist symbol, the entire state of Israel to be a terrorist state and support of Israel and Zionism to be support for terrorists.

As a symbolic act – and to show our support to all freedom fighters the world over who fight this terrorist state and its lackeys – today we burn their flag of terrorism.

Long live the Free North!

Long live Palestine!

Smash Zionism!

Nordic Resistance Movement demonstration outside Israeli embassy, StockholmNordic Resistance Movement activists burn Israeli flag at demonstration outside Israeli embassy, Stockholm

When the speech was over, the flag was picked up from the ground, soaked in petrol and set alight. In a blink of an eye, the flag was transformed into a fireball, before falling to the ground, where it lay smouldering for a while.

Nordic Resistance Movement activists burn Israeli flag at demonstration outside Israeli embassy, Stockholm

After the terrorist flag was reduced to a glowing pile on the ground, it was spat on a few times by the activists as they concluded the activity. Everyone present felt very satisfied with the symbolic yet powerful activity against Israel and the all-encompassing globalism we live under today.