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Monthly meeting and rappelling in Nest 2


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Sweden’s Nest 2 gather for a monthly meeting and rappelling practice.

Members and activists from Nest 2 met on the outskirts of Gothenburg for a monthly meeting and instruction in rappelling on Sunday morning, 8 November.

Before the meeting itself began, a light lunch was served in the form of grilled hamburgers with various garnishes.

The meeting dealt with some very important changes and plans within the Nest, which will soon be made public. The past month’s activities were also discussed, as well as the coming month’s.

With the meeting completed, the comrades went to a nearby mountain where the rappelling training could take place. First the basics of how to rappel were reviewed, before the participants got to try it for themselves.

The activity started with practising from a low ledge before progressing to a much higher one. The majority of the participants were completely new to rappelling, but everyone appreciated the opportunity to try it out while also challenging their fear of heights.