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Bridge action and visit to public meeting in Jönköping


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 conducted a banner action before visiting another organisation’s activity, on Saturday 19 August.

The Resistance Movement took up positions on a bridge over the E4 in Jönköping with a banner reading “No one voted for the population replacement”. The activists were greeted by drivers and greeted them back in an appropriate fashion. They stood on the bridge for just over an hour, allowing thousands of people to see the banner.

After the banner action, some of the comrades went into town to visit a public gathering organised by Alternative for Sweden (AfS). They spoke with the audience and discussed issues like race and Jewish power, gaining a good deal of sympathy for their views on these issues. Some contacts were also made with those eager to participate in the Nest’s training sessions.

One of the speakers at the meeting was an ex-policeman and current member of AfS. Jerry Olsson asked him about his views on police repression against nationalists.

Jerry Olsson on his conversation with the ex-policeman:

I started by asking what he did in the police force. He said he had worked for about 10 years as a patrol officer on the streets, followed by 10 years in the riot police and finally about 10 years in a special operations department working with gang crime. He then spoke a little loosely about the party, concluding that they are not racists – something he repeated several times during the conversation. The next question I asked was whether he had witnessed the police’s repression against nationalists during his work, but he didn’t really understand the question. When I explained that our members are subjected to traffic stops and car searches, house searches and more, despite not having a criminal history or being suspected of a crime, and that we are targeted for special attention on the streets, he said this was not something he had seen or known anything about during his years on the force.

The conclusion is that politicians are politicians, and those who truly want something different must make a revolutionary choice instead and join the Resistance!