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Wilderness activity in Bohuslän


NATURE. After a public activity in Alingsås on Saturday 15 June, activist group 203 went for a trip to the woods to learn important survival skills and spend the night in the Nordic wilderness.

Nordic Resistance Movement Nest 2 activists on a wilderness hike in Bohuslän

The destination for the day was a shelter some 12 kilometres into the forest. The group took brief pauses on the way there for theoretical and practical lessons in purifying water.

To make the hike a little more challenging, everyone had extra weight in their backpack, with one activist carrying as much as 20 kilos for about four kilometres.

When the group arrived at the shelter, they lit a fire, and some comrades chose to bathe in the nearby lake to cool off.

Nordic Resistance Movement Nest 2 wilderness activity

Afterwards there was a lesson in making a fire, including the different techniques that can be used. The participants also tried using some NATO matches, which don’t go out after being placed underwater.

The evening concluded with food and good conversation.

Nordic Resistance Movement Nest 2 wilderness activity

The march back started early on Sunday morning. The activists chose to go at a quick pace, and, despite their heavy loads, walked the 12 km in two hours flat.

Overall it was a pleasant weekend in nature with healthy exercise and new skills learned.