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Report from Nordic Days 2023


NORDIC DAYS. The Nordic Resistance Movement held the 2023 edition of the annual Nordic Days family event on the last weekend of August.

This year Nest 1 was in charge of organising the Nordic Days celebration, which was held just north of Stockholm. On Saturday morning, families and National Socialists both young and old made the pilgrimage to the venue from across half the Nordic region.

After the entrance fees had been paid and the guests had socialised for a while, the weekend officially began with a grand opening ceremony. Flags from all the Nordic countries, together with the Tyr Rune flag, were carried onto the stage by uniformed activists, accompanied by music.

The master of ceremonies Henrik Pihlström addresses the audience

When the music stopped, the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement entered the stage and gave a short speech that was met with resounding applause.

Next on the agenda was the pentathlon in the prestigious Nordic Man of the Year competition. For the children who didn’t want to watch the competition or swim in the nearby lake, there were also various bouncy castles and craft tables available.

Bouncy castles are prepared for the children

The participants in the pentathlon were divided into teams that met one another in disciplines such as team wrestling, relay running and tug-of-war. The battles were tough and sweaty, with everyone giving their all, much to the enjoyment of the crowd.

After five disciplines had been conducted, it was time for the final, which was contested by members of the winning team. They faced one another in a push-up competition and an endurance test with weights, among other events. Ultimately, only two fighters remained in the final: Pär Sjögren and Anders Gudmarsson.

These two men last met in an extremely tough and even contest during the semi-final of the Resistance Movement’s boxing tournament at Organisation Days earlier in the year. This time, instead of boxing, they would compete in a knife fight and a wrestling match, with Sjögren eventually emerging victorious as the Nordic Man of the Year 2023.

After the participants and some of the children had taken a bath in the lake, a tasty lunch was served, consisting of burgers, pasta, salad and tzatziki. When everyone was full and content, it was time for the children’s pentathlon, which saw the young ones compete against one another in various disciplines designed for two different age groups.

Children’s competition

Several market tables were also set up, where guests could purchase health foods, toys, clothes, books, music, ornaments and much more.

Homemade tallow for sale

After the children’s competition was over and the market had been open for a while, the children and adults who had participated in the pentathlons were honoured, with the victors in the various classes receiving prizes and plenty of applause. An exclusive decorative item made by a member was also auctioned for the benefit of the organisation.

The Nordic Man of the Year 2023 with his prize: a handmade Viking axe

Next it was time for Pär Öberg to take to the stage. He gave an inspiring speech about the importance of organisation, outlining some of the things the Resistance Movement has achieved in recent years. These included becoming the world’s leading National Socialist organisation, which is viewed as either an example to follow or an object of hatred, depending on whom you ask.

By now it was evening, and a beautifully prepared gourmet dinner of beef brisket, red wine sauce and potatoes was served to the guests. Everyone agreed that the meal tasted absolutely fantastic and that the chef team had clearly worked with great dedication and professionalism.

When both the adults and children were very full and content, some families and other guests started heading home, while others stayed until the early hours, enjoying one another’s company, along with beer and a troubadour performance.