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Flash demonstration honouring martyrs


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Resistance Movement was in Västerås to conduct a flash demonstration and hold a memorial for Daniel Wretström at his grave on 9 December.

Comrades met in a snow-covered Västerås after dark and formed into ranks with a specially designed banner reading, “The blood of martyrs demands struggle today!” Flags followed behind the banner, with all the other demonstrators marching behind it, their torches lighting up the procession in the darkness.

The group marched along the streets of Västerås, chanting slogans such as “Fighter today – Martyr tomorrow” and “The blood of heroes runs through us”. It took scarcely fifteen minutes for the state’s lackeys to show up in pursuit, with a police officer immediately jumping out of an unmarked car in a futile attempt to ascertain where the comrades were headed. Without getting any answers, the man returned to his car and drove ahead of the procession, clearing the way for the demonstration. At one point, a message from the car’s loudspeaker announced this was for the Resistance men’s safety – which of course was not desired by the Resistance men, who can take care of their own safety.

The procession continued and eventually passed the offices of Bonnier and the local newspaper Västerås Länstidning (VLT) in central Västerås, where the chant “VLT, traitors to the people!” echoed off the walls. By this point, the march was followed by a long train of police officers and security guards, with many curious onlookers being encountered all the way to Sigmatorget.

Here, they stopped and prepared to give speeches. First up was Johan Staaf, who started by talking about a young boy who was at a friend’s party in Salem in December 23 years ago, when he decided to go out and explore the new town he was in. There he met a group of racial strangers, who did not appreciate meeting a Swedish nationalist and brutally attacked him. As he lay unconscious in a ditch, the foreigners went to fetch a kitchen knife, which they used to stab the boy multiple times in the back until the knife broke. As a macabre conclusion, they cut the throat of his lifeless body.

The boy’s name was Daniel Wretström. There were no direct consequences for the murderers, and no politicians sent any condolences to Daniel’s family. Just a few weeks before the murder, politicians and the media had waged a hate campaign against nationalists, promising to “crush” them, making them largely responsible for what happened. Staaf said we must never forget Daniel, as he is the ultimate symbol of multicultural violence against Swedes.

Next, Joakim Kannisto began his speech by stating that the previous day was Martyrs’ Day, as it was the day Robert Jay Matthews was murdered by the American state. The Resistance Movement remembers fallen heroes who fought and died for our cause, for the survival of the White race – such as Matthews, Horst Wessel and George Lincoln Rockwell – but also all the people who died as a result of mass immigration.

In the middle of the speech, a belligerent racial stranger approached, brandishing his phone and acting provocatively towards the comrades, after being deliberately let through by the police. He was immediately rebuked by the Resistance men, causing the police and security guards to panic, rush in and draw their batons and pepper spray, as they wrestled people to the ground.

In the aftermath, two comrades were detained for questioning, while one of the cops saw it as his life’s mission to behave as insufferably as possible for no reason. After some arguing with the police, the speech continued without any further disruptions.

The two comrades were released a short while later. When the group was finished at the location, they once again lined up behind their banner and flags and marched through the centre of Västerås and back towards their cars.

A young group of female racial aliens, led by a Swedish woman imitating their accent, followed the group all the way back, attempting to insult the comrades and claiming they would all go to hell – as apparently fighting for one’s own people is a mortal sin, according to their god.

Back at the cars, the person in charge held a short review of the activity, before everyone jumped back in their vehicles and headed to Surahammar. Daniel Wretström is buried at Sura Church, north of Västerås, which would be the last stop of the day.

When the comrades arrived at the location, they formed into ranks again, this time with flags and a wreath at the forefront. Once again, torches were lit to illuminate the winter darkness. With the snow falling over the silent cemetery, the train moved slowly and quietly towards its destination.

Candles were placed along the path to Daniel’s grave, with several larger candles having already been lit in front of the tombstone. Comrades stood behind the grave with flags, as the wreath was laid and torchbearers lined up, one by one, to place their own candles next to Daniel’s resting place. They then stood in two rows on either side of the grave, holding the torches in their left hand.

A short speech was given about why it is so important to remember Daniel. He has become the ultimate symbol of anti-Swedish violence – violence the politicians pretend does not exist, as it is part of their sick plan to destroy Sweden and annihilate the Swedish people. Sweden’s prime minister didn’t say a word about Daniel’s death in the media, but when a racial alien was murdered in another country, the prime minister saw fit to send his condolences to the racial alien’s family. Politicians talk openly about “everyone’s equal value” and other platitudes, but it is their actions (or lack thereof) that make their true agenda clear.

Finally, a minute’s silence was held for Daniel and all other fallen martyrs.

The comrades then returned to their cars, where they thanked one another for a successful day and parted ways until next time.