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“No paedophiles on Sweden’s streets” – Extensive banner campaign in Stockholm


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 1 conducted a propaganda campaign against the normalisation of paedophilia earlier this month.

Members and activists went out during rush hour on several mornings of the first week of August to put up banners with the message “No paedophiles on Sweden’s streets” over busy roads in and around Stockholm. Every year, sinister forces do their utmost to normalise harmful behaviour to an even greater degree, and in some quarters something as sick as paedophilia is already being discussed as nothing more than a sexual preference.

Tens of thousands of cars criss-cross the Swedish capital on a daily basis, so it’s always an appropriate place to reach the people. As always with banner drops in Stockholm, many road users know what’s happening before any banner has been unfurled, despite the lack of flags or organisational clothing. The message this time was particularly well received by motorists. This can be seen as a healthy sign – that the common man does not voluntarily give up his children’s innocence. However, the enemy seldom uses obvious means to get their claws into children; rather everything happens behind smokescreens of misleading terminology to make their opposition sound evil.

The Resistance Movement sees through their propaganda and their attempts to corrupt innocent children, which will never be tolerated in the Nordics. No paedophiles on Sweden’s streets!