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Memorial gathering for Tommie Lindh in Härnösand


MEMORIAL. Earlier today the Nordic Resistance Movement participated in a memorial service for Tommie Lindh in Härnösand.

A minute’s silence is held for Tommie Lindh

This afternoon, members and activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement took part in a memorial demonstration in Härnösand, northern Sweden, for the nationalist Tommie Lindh. Tommie was murdered last weekend when he attempted to stop a racial foreigner from raping a young woman. He was 19 years old.

Rest in Peace, Tommie – The Nordic Resistance Movement

A minute’s silence was held for Tommie at Härnösand town square, after which Pär Sjögren from the Nordic Resistance Movement gave a speech.

Pär began his speech by reading out the names of some of the Swedes killed by racial foreigners, before comparing Tommie’s murder to that of Daniel Wretström in Salem in 2000. At the end of the speech, Pär said that Tommie’s foreign killer wasn’t the only one guilty of his murder, but that blame also lies with those who promote population replacement.

Resistance men, nationalists and locals converse

Nordfront TV was present during the day and livestreamed the gathering:

Later in the afternoon, some of Tommie’s friends laid a wreath at the scene of his murder.