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National Day celebrations and martial arts – A National Socialist start to summer


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Sweden’s Nest 5 recently gathered under the newly arrived summer sun for physical training and a celebration of Sweden’s National Day.

Three days before National Day, a group of activists and members met up for joint martial arts training. They practised basic punching techniques, as well as how to avoid and counter them. After a brief review of how various clinch situations can be dealt with, the boxing section concluded with several shorter rounds of sparring. To wrap up the session, the participants were given several wrestling challenges with predetermined starting positions.

A few days later, on Sweden’s National Day, the entire Nest gathered for a traditional celebration in the southwestern forests of Dalarna. It didn’t take long before the grill was lit and meat and various vegetables were sizzling on the barbecue. Meanwhile, the long table was set and the side dishes were prepared.

When the much-needed dinner had been consumed, it was time for some classic desserts; namely, strawberry cake and rhubarb pie with custard. The celebration now entered its final part, which included communal singing. As the sun descended below the treetops, the participants all sang the four verses of the national anthem.

When darkness fell and the mosquitoes began to emerge, the gathering on the meadow came to an end, and the tables, food and other items were cleared away. Some guests continued their socialising elsewhere, while others bid their farewells and expressed their gratitude for the occasion.