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Town square meeting in Växjö: Honouring old fighters and a call to fight for the future


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 held a town square meeting in Småland’s second city on Saturday 12 November.

Nordic Resistance Movement public activity, Växjö, Sweden

The activity featured two speakers. First up was Jonas Jensmark, who spoke about the decay of society and the legendary action in Växjö in 1985, when eight brave National Socialists from the Nordic Realm Party fought courageously for their ideals and their lives against thousands of cowardly reds from groups such as the Left Party Communists.

National Socialists from the Nordic Realm Party in Växjö on 13 April, 1985
National Socialists from the Nordic Realm Party in Växjö on 13 April, 1985

Excerpt from Jonas Jensmark’s speech:

Now in retrospect, the question can be asked whether the people of Växjö chose the right side on that day in April 1985. In all honesty, I believe the majority think that subsequent developments have been anything but desirable, and that deep down inside they despise today’s society and are just waiting for change.

You now have a new chance to choose a side for our future, a chance to start fighting for people and nation.

We stand here on this square to show the people of Växjö that there is a way out of today’s wretched liberal society. A way out of mass immigration and its disastrous consequences, the encouragement of gender dysphoria in children, and the dismantling of schools, healthcare and other important public functions.

The next speaker was Victor Johansson, who spoke about how the new government will prove to be just as worthless as the last one, and how the Swedish people must instead embrace revolutionary struggle to restore order to the country.

Nordic Resistance Movement public activity, Växjö, Sweden

Excerpt from Victor Johansson’s speech:

The misery we see today is unfortunately just the beginning. It will get much worse. A time will come when society starts to collapse for real. A time will come when ordinary Swedes can no longer afford food for their children, when the state will no longer be able to maintain control of the country and when criminal immigrant gangs control whole cities.

When that time comes, the Swedish people will be forced to act; and on that day, the Nordic Resistance Movement will stand ready to lead the furious Swedish people in the right direction. Against the globalists, Zionists and folk traitors – and for a National Socialist folk community.

But to all of you who already see the problems in society and understand that radical methods are needed to solve them: Do not wait until that day before you join our ranks! Join us now and help us become bigger and stronger so we are as prepared as we can be when the time comes.

This election is over, but, for the Nordic Resistance Movement, the struggle does not end after the election. The struggle goes on all year – every year – until victory. You still have a chance to make a revolutionary choice: Join the Nordic Resistance Movement. Together we will fight the globalists and Zionists, together we will save our people from destruction, together we will win!

Nordic Resistance Movement public activity, Växjö, Sweden
After the speeches, the activists remained in the area and gave out leaflets in central Växjö, where they met a lot of sympathisers. These included a young father who asked who the activists were and was overjoyed when he heard it was the Nordic Resistance Movement standing on the square. The comrades also met an older man who completely understood the importance of keeping the race pure and thanked the Resistance men for continuing the struggle.

Unfortunately it was not just the better parts of society who were in town on the day, as there were also a lot of brainwashed system loyalists about. One example was an insufferable old man who quickly stopped waving at the Resistance Movement’s cameraman when the cameraman waved back. Another was a heavily overweight young woman who watched the Resistance men from afar for a long time, before finally summoning up the courage to walk past and spit at the flag bearers. This earned her a quick removal from the vicinity, after which she was not seen again.

Nordic Resistance Movement public activity, Växjö, Sweden

The police turned up after a while and tried to lecture the Resistance men on tedious bureaucratic matters regarding public assembly law, things that experienced activists have been told over and over again. It ended with the police making yet another report for a violation of the Public Order Act, which will sit on a shelf and gather dust in the police station, along with all the others.

When the activity was over, the participants went on to Tegnér Cemetery to visit the grave of the National Socialist activist and solider Erik Nilsson. There they held a memorial for Nilsson, who died on the Eastern Front in 1944 in the war against Bolshevism, aged just 23.

NRM memorial for Erik Nilsson, Växjö

Soldier Erik Nilsson death, newspaper report
“Sveaborg man Erik Nilsson has given his life for Sweden”

The comrades then thanked one another and went home, satisfied after another successful day of struggle for the Nordic people.