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Nest 8 visit Nest 5’s monthly meeting for National Day celebrations and lecture


MEETING. Nest 8 attend Nest 5’s monthly meeting on Sweden’s National Day.

In the run-up to Sweden’s National Day and June’s monthly meeting, Nest 8 received a friendly invitation from Nest 5 to come to Karlstad to celebrate National Day and listen to a speech by the Resistance Movement’s leader.

For the sake of time and logistics, Nest 8’s Resistance men made the decision to add their monthly meeting to the agenda during their visit to Karlstad.

An enthusiastic Max offered guests products from Greenpilled.

Nest 5 had laid out a generous “welcome fika” in preparation for the neighbouring nest’s arrival. Everyone was in high spirits, with the Resistance men clearly glad to be able to catch up with comrades they don’t meet very often.

The organisation’s leader Simon Lindberg then took to the podium to deliver a lecture entitled “The Importance of Pride”, a fitting subject to reflect upon on National Day.

The leader of the Resistance Movement gives a lecture.

The core of Simon’s lecture dealt with the concepts of pride, people and nation, viewed in the light of our National Socialist ideology – and the national day that’s celebrated in Sweden today.

So what is a National Socialist proud of? And to what extent does he have cause to celebrate the nation’s national day and sing its national anthem?

The National Socialist is proud of his people, and when he honours his nation he does so with the true meaning of the word (i.e., “the people”) in mind. In the Nordic National Socialist’s case, it is the honourable Aryan Nordic warrior people who are honoured and who are the object of pride.

The only “state” a National Socialist recognises is the National Socialist state that he either fights to establish or – in another scenario than our present day – lives in.

Anyone who thinks that a National Socialist in the Nordic Resistance Movement is supporting the existing Nordic states when he pays tribute to the nation, sings the national anthem and honours the nation’s flag is severely mistaken.

The Swede who praises the existing state of Sweden on National Day and the Swedish National Socialist who pays tribute to his Aryan people on National Day are doing completely different things.

Lindberg’s speech on National Day created a magical atmosphere.

Lindberg’s speech appeared to give the audience extra inspiration for the following rendition of Sweden’s national anthem. The anthem, which is often sung in a staid and antiquated manner, was instead performed with demonstrable pride.

Next it was time for the visitors from Nest 8 to hold their monthly meeting, in which it was revealed that the past month had seen double as many activities as the previous month.

The coming month will be no holiday from the struggle either. Forms of activism that were temporarily shelved will be making a comeback – keep updated on NordicResistanceMovement.org!