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We are not “right-wing extremists”


IDEOLOGY. Leif Eriksson puts National Socialism’s undeserved labels in perspective.

When the media reports on the activities of National Socialist groups, as they did in regard to our demonstration in Stockholm on the 12th of November, they almost exclusively refer to us as “extreme right”, “right-wing populist” or “reactionary”. They couldn’t be more wrong. Such misattribution shows the establishment’s thorough ignorance of politics and history and their compulsion to vilify anyone who doesn’t obey the strictures of political correctness.

The truth is that National Socialism is a highly progressive, revolutionary and modern worldview. It is an ideology that stands completely outside the outdated and inapplicable right-left paradigm, which divides people into socio-economic classes and is a remnant of the “three estates”, or the imaginary Marxist class society. National Socialism stands for national consciousness and community, in accordance with nature’s ancient rule of law, and in contrast to the destructiveness of globalism. It stands for social responsibility and care for the vulnerable and needy, as opposed to exclusion and self-interest.

For evidence of the progressive nature of National Socialism, one only has to look at the government of the NSDAP in the 1930s and 40s. Under the former parliamentary democracy of the Weimar Republic, unemployment in Germany had climbed to 19 percent by the start of 1933. The National Socialists, who viewed employment as an important means to improve social structure and welfare, were able to practically eliminate this figure, reducing it to just 0.4 percent by 1939.

Work on the Autobahn begins

Shortly after coming to power in 1933, the NSDAP also arranged for a number of nature reserves to be created. They introduced modern animal protection legislation that regulated animal transportation, hunting and fishing; they banned animal testing and the use of animals in circuses. These initiatives and others were so far-reaching that even today there exist few countries in the West that have achieved so much in the field of protective legislation for animals and the environment.

The NSDAP were also quick to introduce property leasing regulations, paternal orders, health insurance and larger pensions. Holidays for all workers were mandated, factories in the cities expanded, and many of the privileges of the “higher classes” were abolished (Liljegren, Adolf Hitler, p. 338-339). None of these initiatives can be described as being “right-wing” or “conservative”. Instead they demonstrate a life-affirming and fervent progressivism, one that takes the reins of society and uses its authority to drive development in the desired direction.

The NSDAP were also opponents of the monopolistic power capitalism held over the people. In a speech on the 1st of May 1926, Adolf Hitler said: “We are mortal enemies of the present capitalist economic system with its exploitation of the economically weak, with its injustice in wages, with its immoral evaluation of individuals according to wealth and money instead of responsibility and achievement, and we are determined under all circumstances to abolish this system!” (Toland, Adolf Hitler, p. 224-225). Such rhetoric would have doubtless made both liberal conservatives and industry chiefs choke on their morning lattes.

Another radical aspect of the National Socialist movement was that it had no ties to the Catholic Church or the monarchy, in contrast to the Fascist movements in Spain and Italy. Even though religious freedom prevailed in National Socialist Germany, many leading ideologues were openly critical of Christianity and instead promoted a Social Darwinist outlook, governed by the law of nature.

The same approach applies today. We National Socialists do not accept the term “right-wing extremists”. We are not backwards-looking, counter-evolutionary conservatives, nor are we reactionary guardians of old class systems. We look forwards and fight for a radical and modern social system, one defined by the responsibility of all members of the national community, which prioritises development and innovation for society’s benefit. We want to build a welfare state with free access to schools, health services and social care, where important societal functions, infrastructure and banks are owned and controlled by the state. We aim for a society in which the protection of animals and the environment is based on ethical grounds and far-sighted planning, a state that strongly defends the national community and enforces stringent punishments for criminality.

We National Socialists do not desire any international conflicts. We recognise other peoples’ right to live and grow within their own respective living spaces, just as we wish to do in ours. In order to achieve a National Socialist society, the current puppet show of a parliamentary-democratic system – whose true rulers are international big finance, supranational conglomerates and the lying media – must be abolished. This is what makes us revolutionaries. More is needed than just small adjustments and reforms of the old democratic welfare state. Instead it must make way and be replaced by a newly created and healthy version of society.

No “right-wing extremists” are going to create such a society. It will be built by strong and brave men and women who have already rejected multiculturalism and its regime of lackeys – men and women who sacrifice their comfort to fight for their children and grandchildren’s future. Are you one of them?