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Police scared of the snow – Bridge action in Stockholm


ACTIVISM. Members of Sweden’s Nest 1 were back on their bridge to spread the National Socialist message to the people on 21 January.

Like many times before, comrades met on the bridge over National Road 73 near Globen in the morning. The snow was unusually deep for Stockholm, with several decimetres piled high in the nearby forested areas. The snow also made it clear that this bridge is not used by anyone other than Resistance men, as there was not a single footprint in the snow beside the railings.

The comrades had chosen the banner “Stop the People’s Replacement” for the day’s action a message no one can misinterpret. The strong wind blew fiercely into the banner and flags, but this only made the Tyr Runes even more visible. Many thumbs-up could be seen from inside the cars, from both countrymen and racial strangers, along with other reactions from the occasional bitter leftist who longs to become a minority in his or her own country.

Someone easily offended must have called the 112 emergency number barely 15 minutes after the activity began, as a police car appeared on the bridge, without hesitating at a distance like usual. Two system lackeys appeared to ask who was responsible for the activity. Upon receiving no response, they proceeded to approach each participant to talk about how dangerous the snow was.

Excuse me, do you have a license for this snow?

The police said the comrades could exercise their legal right to spread their political message, as long as no one kicked snow down onto the cars below. Naturally, the comrades hadn’t done such a thing, but that was all the constables were interested in. A comrade pointed out that the police couldn’t have much to do if they were spending their time going to a bridge to warn people about snow to which the man agreed that they didn’t have much to do.

The two officers then stood on either side of the comrades, anxiously waiting for someone to kick snow down onto a car. One policeman got bored after 15 minutes and went to warm himself in the car, but forced his colleague to stay and freeze for another half an hour.

Sworn to fight crime and protect the people…

When the police finally realised the futility of their actions and decided to leave the bridge, they approached the comrades again one by one to point out how afraid they were of the snow. A comrade just laughed at how pathetic the whole situation was, which infuriated the police.

“Can’t we talk like grown-ups? You can stand here as long as you don’t kick snow onto the cars.”

“You’re funny. We haven’t kicked any snow down the whole time you’ve been here, but you keep going on like this over and over again.”

With the lackeys finally out of sight, the activity continued. As usual, there were many reactions from passing drivers. At one point a man also walked past under the bridge and shouted, “Fight on! Good work!” and gestured with his arms. Naturally, it warms the heart when someone dares to show their appreciation, but it would be even better if he chose to contribute to the struggle in some way.

When everyone felt satisfied with the day, the banner and flags were rolled up and the comrades left together. The day’s activity was over, but there will be National Socialists on the bridge again in the near future to try to wake the people from their slumber!