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The Resistance Movement back in Vetlanda: Public meeting in town centre


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 held a public leaflet distribution and gave two speeches in Vetlanda town centre on Saturday 20 January.

The day began with the Resistance men going to Bibliotekstorget in Vetlanda, where the activists David Wåhlander and Victor Johansson gave speeches. The comrades took up positions with two flags and a banner in front of the stage. First up was Johansson, who gave a speech about warmongering traitors and their escalating rhetoric regarding war with Russia.

Excerpt from Johansson’s speech:

What this is really about is Ulf Kristersson wanting to send not only your sons, but also your daughters, into war so they can die to defend his values. And we know what Ulf Kristersson’s values are: mass immigration, gang crime, population replacement, pride parades, trans operations on children and other things that are absolutely NOT the values of the Swedish people.

Russia is not our enemy today. The Swedish people’s greatest enemy is Ulf Kristersson, Carl-Oskar Bohlin, Micael Bydén and all the other warmongering fools in power and the globalists who rule over them.

I urge you all NOT to become cannon fodder for these evil people. Instead, experience a truly noble struggle and join us in the Nordic Resistance Movement. Together, we can fight this government, crush their values and totally destroy their way of life at the ultimate cost, if necessary. Together we will revolt against the criminals who oppress us and drive out the occupiers who terrorise us. Together we will take back Sweden’s freedom, stop the population replacement and secure the existence of our people!

Wåhlander then took the microphone and gave a speech about the Swedes who have lost their lives in Vetlanda in the name of multiculturalism.

Excerpt from Wåhlander’s speech:

The systematic population replacement has been taking place for many years now, while Swedes are fed the globalists’ propaganda that tells them mass immigration is good. But do you think the families and friends of the Swedes who were murdered or seriously injured by non-Europeans would agree with this?

Multiculturalism plagues this country. Just look at a few examples here in Vetlanda, such as Tamim Sultani who stabbed seven men who had to be taken to hospital, three of them with life threatening injuries. Or perhaps you remember the name Rebar Hesso, who killed his neighbour by stabbing her 130 times. Maybe you also need to be reminded of the murder of 21-year-old Tove that took place in mid-October 2022? These are just a few cases of Swedes suffering because of so-called multiculturalism here in Vetlanda. This list will grow longer, and of course this is not just happening in little Vetlanda, but across all of Sweden.

This systematic murder of our people has been taking place across Sweden for too long now. See this as your call to wake up from your slumber and fight back. Show that the White race is no sacrificial lamb, but that the blood that flowed through our ancestors also flows through you. Show that the willingness to sacrifice possessed by our ancestors is within you too. It’s time to join the struggle for the survival of your people and join the Nordic Resistance Movement!

The activists’ words echoed off the buildings and attracted interested people, who approached to listen to the speeches. When the speeches were over, the activists had the opportunity to talk with sympathisers in the audience. They told the speakers that the speeches were excellent and that it was great to see the Resistance Movement on the streets of Vetlanda again.

After the speeches, the activists stood back-to-back with flags in the centre of the square and handed out leaflets to the public. A little while later, they moved on to the Ica Maxi store, where they stood at both entrances and continued giving out leaflets.

Even though the Resistance Movement has not been in Vetlanda as much since the election campaign, a large number of leaflets were distributed to local people. Comrades who had visited Vetlanda before noticed that the leaflets ran out quite quickly compared to the last time they were there. They also saw that the residents of Vetlanda had far from forgotten about the Resistance Movement, with many of them welcoming the Resistance men back to the town.

The comrades had some interesting conversations with the shop’s customers, as well as with the staff, who wondered what was going on outside their store. When their questions were answered, one of the staff members received a leaflet and went back inside. The leafleting continued, and after more interesting conversations had been held with local people, the man in charge of the activity decided the Resistance men should go back to their gathering place.

Once there, the day’s activity was reviewed. It was agreed that the comrades would return in the relatively near future, before everyone thanked one another for the successful day and headed home.