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Public rally in Härnösand after murder of Tommie Lindh


INFORMATION. This Saturday a public rally against multicultural violence will be held in Härnösand, Sweden. The event is in response to the murder and rape that took place in the town at the weekend.

Nordfront has announced that a public rally will be held on Stora torget square in Härnösand, northern Sweden, on Saturday at 1 p.m. The meeting will honour the patriot Tommie Lindh, who was murdered at the weekend after he tried to stop a rape by a racial foreigner.

The rally will include speeches and a minute’s silence. In addition to the information available on social media, the organisers can announce the following:

  • The rally is non-organisational and open to everyone, as anti-Swedish violence is something that concerns all Swedes. Permission for the rally has been sought, and the organisers expect it to be granted by the police today.
  • Serious private individuals or representatives for parties/organisations who would like to give a speech may do so. Sound equipment will be available. Those interested in giving a speech can register their interest in advance by calling 0703690287.
  • As the meeting is open to all, all attendees can take whichever flags, placards or other material they wish. Illegal or tasteless symbols and messages are not allowed.
  • The organisers will be in dialogue with the police to solve any problems that may occur if there are too many people attending according to the new coronavirus law that limits gatherings to a maximum of 50 people.