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Photo report: Flash demonstration in Uppsala


ACTIVISM. We present a photo report from the recent successful demonstration in Sweden’s fourth-largest city.

The demonstration begins
The march goes along Sjukhusvägen
“Stop the People’s Replacement”

The first troublemaker of the day…
…is swiftly ordered away from the march
Interest is always high when the Resistance Movement are present

Uppsala Cathedral in the background

When the mental hospital is closed, the lunatics run free. As always, they are on the opposite side to the National Socialists.

The march arrives at Stortorget

The “Rebel Mothers” climate sect

Lined up on Stortorget

The National Task Force in position

The police try to figure out how a smoke grenade works

Healthy-minded people are more horrified by loudmouthed drug addicts than they are by National Socialists
Anders Gudmarsson gives a speech

Some people have a hard time keeping quiet without their Saturday drink
Others are much more accommodating

Racial foreigners listen with curiosity about why they must go back to their homelands

Joakim Kannisto begins his speech

Ready to march off
The march continues along Kungsängsgatan

Some people observe proceedings more rationally than others…

A journalist shows up when everything is practically over
Back on the bridge over the Fyris River

Just one of the hysterical women wondering why the police are doing their job and not stopping the constitutionally permitted march

An infamous Red watches sullenly from afar
The same Red is reprimanded when he no longer keeps his distance
Luckily, daddy policeman is on the scene

A gathering after the demonstration reached its destination

The police follow closely after, naturally out of consideration for the comrades’ well-being