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Activism reports – Week 37, 2020


ACTIVISM. A selection of activism reports from the past week from around the Nordic nations.

Leafleting in Vrigstad

Members delivered information to residents in Vrigstad on 6 September. The activity went smoothly and without incident. After leafleting, the members met up with other comrades and went to the day’s training session.

Social gathering in Nest 7

Members of Nest 7 met for a social gathering on Saturday 5 September. The day included coffee and socialising, a meal, and discussions on interesting subjects.

Nest 1 monthly meeting and visit to Måndal Fort

Members of Nest 1 visited Måndal Fort in Tyresö on Sunday 6 September. The fort is part of the old defence perimeter on Stockholm’s southern fortification line, which consists of forts, bunkers and batteries. Måndal Fort was constructed between 1905-1906 and was extended from 1909-1916, with trenches and connecting passages built between the bunkers and forts. The core of the fort was protected by 120 men.

The visit was popular with the participants and very informative. After having walked through the bunkers and along the bulwarks, the monthly meeting was held outdoors in one of the foxholes.

Leaflets in Karlskoga Municipality

Member Group 2 from Nest 5 delivered leaflets with a National Socialist message in eastern Karlskoga on Monday 7 September. Around 150 leaflets were distributed.

Martial arts in Gothenburg

On Sunday 6 September it was once again time for Activist Group 201 to hold a communal training session. They warmed up with push-ups, squats and other physical exercises. The group then practised grappling techniques, including the “Thai clinch” and similar holds. They concluded with sparring, using punches, kicks and holds with standard MMA rules.

Stickers in Sjuntorp

Members from Member Group 3 in Nest 2 put up a large number of stickers in Sjuntorp on Tuesday 8 September.

Martial arts training in Nest 7

Martial arts training was held in Nest 7 on 6 September. The Resistance men warmed up with running and strength exercises before moving on to martial arts exercises and boxing.

Activism in Tranemo Municipality

Leaflets were delivered in Dalstorp, Tranemo Municipality, on 8 September, and a large number of stickers were put up.

Poster activism in Fredrikstad

Nest 1 carried out some poster activism in Fredrikstad recently. It was a pleasant activity as usual, without unwanted incidents.

Propaganda production in Rogaland

Nest 6 produced a series of posters, including one huge 12m2 “The Struggle Needs You!” poster.

Hiking in Bergen

Members from Activist Group 302 met outside Montana Hostel in Bergen at 10.30 a.m. before walking up Ulrikken mountain. Ulrikken is the highest of the seven mountains that surround Bergen, reaching 643 metres above sea level. The comrades took the steps up at a fast tempo.

Once they had completed their ascent, the Resistance men changed into their walking boots to begin the long hike to Bergen’s best viewpoint.

They walked along the Borgaskaret trail, then headed east towards Grønetua mountain. After a few hundred metres, they went north-west and hiked across Vardegga mountain towards Åsane.

After having descended several hundred metres, the group descended into Simsedalen valley and then into the Flaktveit neighbourhood, before concluding the trip.

All in all, the hike comprised 30,000 steps and covered 20 km.

Basic activism in Kristiansand

Nest 2 placed stickers in central Kristiansand.

Educational work in Sarpsborg 

Members of Nest 1 were active in Sarpsborg, where they delivered leaflets to postboxes.

Basic activism in Haderslev

Resistance men placed stickers in Haderslev.

Propaganda in Hobro

Activists spread Nordic Resistance Movement stickers in Hobro.

Posters in Virum

Activists placed Nordic Resistance Movement posters in Virum.

Leafleting in Aarhus

Activists from Nest 3 delivered “Tired of the EU?” leaflets in Aarhus.

Stickers in Keflavík

Stickers were spread in the district of Ásgarður, Keflavik.