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Simon Lindberg gives lecture on Sweden’s National Day


NATIONAL DAY. On 6th June, Sweden’s National Day, Simon Lindberg gave a lecture at Nest 5’s monthly meeting.

Sweden National Day lecture, Nest 5

The lecture detailed the Resistance Movement’s view on the Nordic countries’ national days. Although the Resistance Movement intends to abolish the present-day states and replace them with one Nordic state, the lecture made it clear that the national days should still be celebrated, as the individual Nordic peoples have every reason to be proud of their history.

The importance of pride was also brought up during the speech. What does pride mean? Why is it important to encourage pride? Why would a people be robbed of their pride and how is this done?

Invitations to the lecture had been sent out to a wider audience, and the resulting attendance was high. Coffee and cake was also on offer beforehand.

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