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Hiking in Boden Municipality


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement gathered for a short hike in the spirit of the folk community on Saturday morning, 26 September, together with some of the activists’ children.

The group met at a comrade’s house at 9 a.m. and had a short informational and planning meeting with the children about what the day had in store. The schedule began with a short canoe trip, after which everyone went ashore and began the hike. The party walked for around one and a half hours across hilly terrain until they came to the planned destination.

Activists in the canoe

Once they had arrived, the comrades sat and had numerous discussions, talking about everything between heaven and earth, while the children played around them. The children were also taught practical lessons, such as being economical with water in case of emergency, as well the importance of keeping an eye on one’s things during a hike, and so forth.

The view from the campsite

When the food and coffee had been consumed, it was time to begin heading home. The comrades noticed that the children were getting tired and that some of them weren’t in such a good mood on the way back. It clearly took a lot of energy to run around the campsite like hurricanes!

Northerners and their children have a hereditary right to this earth. Do you duty as parents and teach our children the beauty of nature so they understand the importance of securing its existence.