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Transsexual story time for children cordoned off in Vetlanda


ACTIVISM. Activist Group 701 made a stand against the Cultural Marxist phenomenon of transsexual story time in Vetlanda.

On Sunday 10 September, a transsexual story time was held in Vetlanda Museum. This event, which is aimed at children from the ages of three to nine years old, attempts to normalise the abnormal behaviour of men dressing up in sexually provocative clothes and make-up like porn stars and prostitutes.

The Nordic Resistance Movement condemns the sexualisation of children and the normalisation of demoralising behaviour. As such, activists and members from Activist Group 701 conducted an action to cordon off Vetlanda Museum on Saturday night.

Barrier tape was put up, along with a poster with the text: “Do not ask why your children need to be read fairytales by a grown man in a dress and make-up. Ask why a grown man in a dress and make-up needs to read fairytales to your children.”

The action continued with the placement of posters in various strategic locations around Vetlanda, before the activity was concluded.

We hope that more men and women of our people realise that these events are not about “love” – as the media and politicians like to tell us – but that they are part of a political agenda which more people must rise up against and resist!