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Spring monthly meeting with martial arts training in Sweden’s Nest 8


MEETING. On Saturday, 6 March it was again time for Sweden’s Nest 8 to gather for their monthly meeting, which on this occasion was held in the deep forest far out in the countryside.

The day began with an intensive two-hour martial arts training session. A new member – who competed in Thai boxing at an elite level and was attending his first meeting – was the instructor for the day’s kickboxing training.

NRM Nest 8 meeting training
The new instructor

Punching combinations, kicks and defensive moves were all taught during the training session. The participants practised maintaining their balance, distance, guard and positioning, including when fatigue sets in. The instructor’s calls of “Control the fight!” and “Protect yourself!” blended with battle cries, cheers, creaking floorboards and successfully landed blows. Sweat dripped from brows, and bloodshed was visible here and there.

NRM Nest 8 meeting training
Warming up

Immediately after the training, the organiser group laid out the day’s meal, which was fortunate, as the boxers’ energy supply had clearly been drained during the workout. This became all the more apparent when a succession of fully loaded plates were emptied by the diners.

NRM Nest 8 meeting dinner
A ravenous appetite

After a traditional singing of “Hold the Flag High!”, it was time for the speaking school.

NRM Nest 8 meeting song
Hold the Flag High

The topic for the first speaker was Point 3 of the party programme Our Path – “The Creation of the Nordic State”.

The speaker spoke freely and passionately about the folk community in the ethnically homogeneous Nordic region. The speaking school’s teacher awarded the speech high marks and emphasised the speaker’s relaxation, audience contact and good modulation.

NRM Nest 8 lecture
A speech about folk community in the ethnically homogenous Nordic Nation

Under suggestions for “Possible improvements”, the teacher’s advice was “Try increasing the intensity of the speech with focused appeals to the audience!”

The day’s second speaker discussed Our Path, Point 4, which goes into more detail on the government of the Nordic state.

The Nordic Nation will be a sovereign and self-sufficient state with a joint defence force, currency and central bank, as well as common overarching rules and laws.

The speaker described a state that is authoritarian without being totalitarian, and where the people rule, including via decisive referenda. Several examples from Germany during the 1930s were given.

The teacher praised the speaker for a strong, focused introduction, a smooth flow throughout the speech, and great audience contact, with several questions asked to the attendees.

Furthermore, the performance was characterised by good variation: the speaker alternated between explaining, recounting and exhibiting various things – such as ballot papers from a certain referendum in 1933.

Under “Possible improvements” he wrote “Free up your hands for gestures – try wearing pocketless trousers!”

The next item on the agenda was also about the art of public speaking. The meeting’s participants were shown video recordings from speeches by three different skilled and experienced speakers, all with very different techniques.

NRM Nest 8 meeting video
James O’Keefe speaks

In the subsequent discussions, different rhetorical styles were analysed, and it was debated as to which environments and subjects each of the assorted speaking styles fits best.

After coffee and cakes, which were baked by the Nest’s own pastry chef – and decorated with glorious symbols – the monthly meeting itself was held. As an introduction, two new members of the Nest and the organisation were welcomed and received their proof of membership.

Tyr rune cake
Tyr rune cake

The final point of the monthly meeting involved the planning of various inspiring, extensive and pioneering activities that will be held this summer.