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Successful 1 May demonstration in Kungälv despite the worst police operation in modern times


COMMENT. The Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement Simon Lindberg shares his experiences from the 1 May demonstration in Kungälv.

Police attack the Nordic Resistance Movement 1 May demonstration in Kungalv

Before the demonstration even started, things seemed ominous. The police chief for Greater Gothenburg, Erik Nord, had already made it clear during talks with our representatives that he strongly disliked us and that he personally wished the Swedish law regarding demonstration and freedom of assembly was not so extensive that it required him to give us permission to demonstrate. He also said he thought our uniforms with white shirts and green ties, in combination with our disciplined and regimented marching, should constitute a crime. He spread this absurd wish in the media in an active attempt to scare away regular people from demonstrating with us.

We eventually got permission to demonstrate, but the length of the march and duration of the demonstration requested in our application were severely restricted. According to the police, this was because they would otherwise not be able to guarantee public order and security. This was to prove to be even more absurd in reality than it sounded beforehand, as the police would clearly show they didn’t care at all about public order and security, but rather almost exclusively about attacking us in the political opposition.

On the 1 May, en route to Kungälv, I received reports of a car from Denmark and a car from Norway being stopped. Several other members’ cars heading to the demonstration were also stopped and searched. The Danes were detained without apparent cause for two hours before they were allowed to move on. Things were even worse for the Norwegians, who weren’t even able to participate in the demonstration. Instead they were taken into custody for 24 hours before being deported from the country, despite having not been suspected of any crimes.

Eventually I arrived in Kungälv and our announced meeting place together with a group of comrades. The meeting place was cordoned off with police tape and at least ten police vans, while a police helicopter hovered in the sky above us. At the entrance stood a uniformed policeman who wrote down all licence plate numbers, while two other officers randomly stopped cars and asked those inside what their business was there. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a well-guarded meeting point. Like Erik Nord’s statements in the media, this behaviour by the police was clearly designed to scare away sympathisers among the general public from joining the demonstration. Sadly it worked. Some cars on the way to the meeting place were seen to turn around and drive away.

The Nordic Resistance Movement march on 1 May in Kungalv

Despite the police’s actions, the march was able to set off at the appointed time and slowly wind its way along the approved route through Kungälv. We walked tall and proud, with our chanted slogans echoing through the town. Positive and neutral spectators as well as counter-demonstrators watched from along the route, while the whole time we were surrounded by police on both the ground and in the air. A little way before reaching our destination of Nytorget square, we saw a somewhat larger mob with red-and-black flags. They had been boxed in by the police and their vans, but they were still close enough to be within throwing distance of our march.

The first physical attack against us was by a man who came running at full speed, right in front of the eyes of the police, towards the leading section of the march. He was stopped by the firm hands of two shield bearers before the police bothered to pull him away and stop him getting into even more trouble. The man’s attack was quickly followed by counter-demonstrators throwing fireworks and so-called banger bombs at the police horses and the march over the top of police vans. The police seemed to have received clear orders to ignore the counter-demonstrators’ behaviour and did nothing to calm the situation down. Because the road was blocked off by police vans, it wasn’t possible for our activists to be close enough to the reds for a physical confrontation. As such the masked globalist lapdogs were protected by the uniformed globalist lapdogs and were allowed to continue their cowardly projectile attack.

We marched on to Nytorget, where the speeches were to be held. The square was fenced off by the police to make sure no curious open-minded people from Kungälv who had not been in the march would be able to come close to the stage. Even so, apart from some minor problems with the sound and my voice, all the speeches were delivered well to great applause. The counter demonstrators’ attempt to drown out the speeches by screaming and revving car engines and beeping horns had little effect on us, but unfortunately it made it difficult for the many Kungälv residents who stood behind the police barriers to hear the speeches. Luckily, videos of the speeches will be forthcoming, some with English subtitles.

Simon Engelin speaks at the Nordic Resistance Movement 1 May demonstration in Kungalv

After the speeches, a globalist flag was dragged through the dirt, a man proposed to his fiancée and the demonstration was declared over. It was then time to return to the gathering place.

The police had already shown themselves to be hostile and in an unholy alliance with left-wing extremists, but it was nothing compared to what was to come. On the journey back, our march was lined by more police, with counter-demonstrators standing right next to them. On several occasions, masked counter-demonstrators were allowed step among the police to attack us with flagpoles, paving stones and bottles. When our activists fought back, they were attacked with batons and pepper spray by the police. Never before has the silent cooperation between the police and “revolutionary” reds been so obvious.

When we were almost at our original gathering point, the police completely surrounded us and forced us to stop in our tracks. We then had to stand there and wait a good while before the police detained a selection of people from our ranks on suspicion of a ridiculous series of alleged crimes. Twenty-something people were detained in total, suspected of having defended themselves and their comrades by fighting back against the reds and the blows from police batons.

The Nordic Resistance Movement march on 1 May in Kungalv

Afterwards those of us who remained were able to make our way to our cars and travel on to a meeting place to enjoy good homemade grilled hamburgers, socialise and thank the organisers and participants for a very successful day regardless of all that happened.

In spite of the police’s clear and forceful repression against us, this year we again succeeded in holding two 1 May demonstrations simultaneously. We got just as much attention as we wanted, we had tens of thousands of views on our live streams and we received many membership applications and donations.

The “anti-fascists” didn’t come close to stopping our march, despite a show of force and receiving near total backing and support from the police. They managed to injure a couple of people in our ranks, but many more of them got what was coming to them when they tried to attack our procession, even though they were protected by the police and we were almost totally opposed by them.

Naturally I would have liked to have seen a larger number of participants, but it wasn’t strange there weren’t more given how the system succeeded in scaring away non-members from the event. I would also have preferred it if there had been considerably fewer police, as this would have certainly led to far more compliant counter-demonstrators. And undoubtedly I didn’t want us to have a group of activists currently suspected of crimes. But despite all this, it would be a great lie to say that the demonstration was unsuccessful.

The policing was the worst and most anti-constitutional I have ever witnessed during my 20 years of activity in the national struggle. It was a police operation that, when combined with the statements made by our prime minister and other government representatives on the 1 May, gives a clear impression of a state that is drawing ever closer to becoming completely totalitarian.

A big congratulations to the organisers and participants who, despite everything, stood up against globalism and stood for the Nordic worker’s rights. We will soon be on the streets of Kungälv again, but as long as Erik Nord is in charge of the police, it’s unlikely there will be any more applications for permission to demonstrate in the region!