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Yule dinner in Nest 2


YULE. Activists, members and family members from Sweden’s Nest 2 recently enjoyed one of the year’s highpoints – the Nest’s annual Yule dinner.

The Yule dinners arranged by the Resistance Movement are great opportunities to forge links with the organisation’s members and activists, as well as listen to fantastic speeches by members, and, if you’re lucky, speeches by the national leadership.

Once the guests had arrived, they were immersed in the Yule spirit and met by happy children and the delicious scent of the Christmas dinner that everyone was longing to taste. The warm atmosphere and welcoming community spirit set the mood for a salubrious day together with the Resistance Movement.

First on the agenda was the monthly meeting, during which all chiefs reported on the activities that took place in the past month and what they have planned for the coming month.

Straight after the monthly meeting there was an enlightening and edifying speech from a Resistance Movement member about esoteric teachings. The speech was very well received, partly because it was about the Aryan people as a whole, but also because the speaker discussed the inner power that our race possesses – the inner fire. This fire is the reason for our success and will ultimately be what leads us forwards to victory.

After the well-received speech, it was finally time for dinner. Both adults and children eagerly lined up to enjoy what the Yule smorgasbord had to offer.

Amidst the party mood and cheerful community spirit, activists, members and children sat together and savoured the wonderful Christmas food. Funny stories and discussions bounced around the tables, laughter echoed off the walls, and everyone enjoyed the cosy atmosphere.

The next activity was dancing around the Yule tree. Everyone who wanted to participate had the opportunity to join in and experience traditional dances. Children and adults danced laughing together around the tree, which was topped with a sun cross.

After the laughter and dance, it was time for the much-anticipated speech from the national leadership. This time it was Fredrik Vejdeland who gave a speech. It was one that usually isn’t found in his repertoire, as it had an emphasis on humour.

The idea of holding a humorous speech exceeded expectations, with the audience laughing out loud at Vejdeland’s sharp, intelligent and humorous words. It’s fair to say that Vejdeland’s comedy career is off to a good start!