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Return visit to Strängnäs Market


ACTIVISM. Members of Sweden’s Nest 1 and Nest 8 conducted a public leaflet distribution on Saturday 8 October.

Strängnäs Market NRM activism

It was a beautiful autumn day when the Resistance Movement once again visited Strängnäs during its annual market. The market in Strängnäs has a long history, with the town having been granted a royal charter to hold a market since 1756. It now draws an estimated 30,000–35,000 visitors a year.

As soon as the comrades entered the town and began approaching the market, they noticed that a lot of police officers were present, most of them probably from out of town. Two police vans also drove slowly behind the Resistance men in the direction they were heading. However, they had to halt their pursuit when the comrades took a diversion down a pedestrian street full of various market stalls to get to their intended destination. The resulting radio contact with other police officers must have been very fast in response to this great threat to the market visitors, because only a few minutes after the activists unfurled their banner, an old policewoman and five even older police volunteers lined up conspicuously a short distance away.

The police did not attempt to make contact with the Resistance men. Instead they stood by, watching and photographing what was perhaps for them the biggest event of the year: a visit from the “violence-prone” National Socialists.

Strängnäs Market NRM activism

However, the Resistance men were not concerned about what these people were up to and immediately began handing out leaflets to passers-by. The response was very positive, with several interested people approaching straight away and wanting to talk and find out more about the Resistance Movement’s ideological positions.

The activity passed very peacefully, with many leaflets being handed out and positive discussions taking place. There was also an absence of rabid people who hate different opinions – whom the activists otherwise have the misfortune of meeting.

In addition, the group met several old nationalists who live in the town, all of whom were very happy about the Resistance Movement’s presence. They spoke about how the town has gone downhill in the last five years. They said “gangs of youths” sell drugs everywhere, even inside restaurants, while the police stand idly by and watch.

Strängnäs Market NRM activism

Those who read about last year’s activity at Strängnäs Market may remember the large group of young people who gathered around the Resistance Movement. The same thing happened this year, albeit on a slightly smaller scale. Teenagers of every conceivable race assembled in groups and were very interested in what the “dangerous Nazis” were doing in town. However, none of them made a serious attempt at contact, with most of them standing nearby and talking among themselves, observing that “these people are definitely racists”.

After the police had watched from a distance for at least half an hour, someone who was probably an officer in command came over to talk. The officer claimed that the Resistance Movement’s activism was an expression of opinion, and because they had not applied for a permit, they were conducting an illegal public gathering. This was apparently very important to tell the activists, even though the officer added that no one would be arrested and that the activity would not be interrupted.

Strängnäs Market NRM activism

The activity continued for a while longer, until the activists felt they had been present long enough to get their message out. The banner was then rolled up, and the police made contact again. The officer reluctantly asked if the activists wanted a police escort, as a lot of small gangs of youths had gathered; the implication being that these gangs can’t behave themselves and can become violent if they think they can get away with it. The Resistance men declined, explaining that such things usually resolve themselves, especially if the police are not around to make these individuals feel braver. As such, none of the youths dared to follow the Resistance men as they headed back to their cars this year, despite their vast numerical advantage.

The participants convened after the activity to thank one another, observing that the day had been very successful and that they will definitely come back to the town in the future.