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    The election is over, but the struggle continues!


    THOUGHTS. The Nordic Resistance Movement’s leader shares his thoughts on the election results and the future of the struggle.

    As many are no doubt aware, the preliminary election results are now in. They show that a clear majority of the Swedish people simply can’t get enough of gang rapes; they love handing over more than half their wages in taxes to pay for apartments and benefits for freeloaders from the around the world who contribute nothing to society; and they eagerly look forward to considerably worse times in which Swedes will become a minority in their own country.

    Going by the election result, house prices in Rosengård, Rinkeby, Bergsjön and Gottsunda [heavy immigrant areas] ought to increase dramatically, seeing as so many Swedes seem to idolise multiculturalism. Unless all those who voted for the establishment parties are hypocrites, of course…

    In a country in which problems continue to multiply exponentially – and in which it’s clear to everyone (excluding those who buy the establishment’s well-worn lies) that things are going seriously wrong – more than 80 percent of people didn’t even vote for the most limp-wristed so-called opposition movement the world has ever seen: the Sweden Democrats. In fact roughly only every hundredth person voted for change of any kind.

    On a local level, thousands of pats on the back and promised votes for the Nordic Resistance Movement have seemingly not led to any seats in office. The situation is still unclear in Boden, where there is a chance the people have had the clearness of thought and civil courage to make the right choice, while in Ludvika it’s possible the Nordic Resistance Movement’s name is on enough spoiled ballots to get us elected – however, it’s evident that overall we have not made any large electoral gains.

    As I see it, the reason for these votes failing to materialise is due in equal parts to election fraud and the classic scenario in which people change their mind at the last second and for some unfathomable reason vote for the Sweden Democrats, even though they know that we constitute a far better alternative. In the end, they give the abusive husband one more chance. Election fraud is a fact, but we can only guess how widespread it is, and we can see the Sweden Democrats’ vote increased in both Ludvika and Kungälv, [strong Nordic Resistance Movement areas].

    So has the Nordic Resistance Movement had a terrible election? Anyone who claims that the election result was a great success isn’t being honest with themselves or others, and going purely on the numbers, the results were poor.

    But – and it is a big BUT – we have won far more than we have lost. Even if we had only gotten a single vote, the election would still have been a big success for us. Fredrik Vejdeland covered this in his excellent article “Nine great achievements of the election campaign”, so I won’t go into detail about all the reasons here. Instead I will say that our foremost goal of establishing a parliamentary branch was not to get 51 percent of the votes in an election. Rather, as we have stated from the beginning, it was just one of many ways for us to broadcast our message and mobilise people in the struggle. With this election we have achieved that goal with flying colours.

    A National Socialist propaganda offensive of a kind rarely seen before has been accomplished. We have evolved our media and grown both as individuals and as an organisation. And this is only the beginning. In the long term the positive effects of this intensive election campaign will be even greater: this is based on extensive experience and past analysis of how our achievements go hand in hand with our levels of activism.

    The Nordic Resistance Movement is stronger than ever before. Bad election results do not change that fact. We will continue to fight, and we will continue to grow. The absence of parliamentary mandates does not alter that reality.

    The corrupt system is terrified of us and is expending unbelievable amounts of resources on trying to stop us. A lack of progress at the polls will not diminish that effort, because they know just as well as we do that we have something more, something far greater and more dangerous than vote totals in a rigged system: we have an activist movement of fanatical National Socialists who are gaining ever-greater support from people on the streets every day, in the form of well-wishes, spontaneous donations and new membership applications.

    Alternative for Sweden also struggled to mobilise voters, despite running a very costly campaign and meeting far less opposition from the system than we did. Hopefully their fight hasn’t been in vain and will instead ensure the majority of their members and sympathisers come to the same conclusion we have long since reached: that our people cannot be saved only via a corrupt system in which our enemies hold power, and in which they set the rules of the game. Our people will be saved through radical and uncompromising struggle on all fronts – and by all means!

    I will conclude by thanking everyone who voted for us and, moreover, everyone who in various ways has helped in the struggle in recent months. Some have done more than others, and in time they will receive the recognition they deserve.

    The election is over, but the struggle goes on, undiminished and with renewed commitment. Death to the establishment – long live the revolutionary resistance!