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A full day of activities in Stockholm


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Activists and members from Sweden’s Nest 1 held a full day of public and internal activities on Sunday, 13 February.

NRM banner action, Stockholm

The day began in the morning with a banner action from atop a bridge over one of Stockholm’s major access roads.

During the close to two hours the activity lasted, the activists received a predominately positive response from the thousands of passing drivers.

NRM banner action, Stockholm
“We are the people!”

As usual the police showed up to “check that everything was calm”, and as usual they were met with silence as the answer to their questions.

Nest 1 has a policy of refusing to engage in dialogue with the police so long as the system’s lackeys continue to harass the Nest’s members when no criminal offence is suspected; e.g., when they search the Resistance men during activities or stop their cars while they are not even attending activities.

After the banner action, everyone went to an outdoor area for a tough and intensive training session at an outdoor gym.

NRM physical training, Stockholm

NRM physical training, Stockholm

When the training was over, it was time for the year’s winter bathing. Several of the participants bathed in an icy lake, while others contented themselves with cheering on their comrades.

NRM winter bathing, Stockholm

They day concluded with the monthly meeting, where activities for the coming weeks were planned.